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To The Moon Mobile Network Review

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Who are TTM Mobile?

Last month, we were approached by a mobile network called To The Moon Mobile about trialing their network. I had never actually heard of the name, so I did a quick Twitter search. My initial thoughts were that they seemed very current and active, tweeting almost every day and having a range of social media platforms, even a TikTok account! There’s nothing worse than clicking on a company’s Twitter profile and it’s unused. I liked the personality of the social media manager coming through too, rather than generic plugging of products in formal copy.

As a smaller mobile network as well, I always want to see smaller businesses succeed against the big guys. So, I put my name forward and the team very kindly sent me a Samsung Galaxy A2 along with their mobile sim to test for a month. But how did I get on with it, and does it give the biggest mobile networks a run for its money? Find out in our Rapid Review.

A Samsung Galaxy A2
Ooh, shiny!

What Do They Offer?

Some of the features To The Moon Mobile boast are:

  • Pre-paid, no contract plans and SIM only
  • Flexible bundles with 23 data options
  • The UK’s fastest national data speed network (RootMetrics 2020 Performance Review)
  • Referral program rewards
  • TTM Mobile app

Upon receiving the handset and SIM card, it was fairly straightforward to get set up. Insert the SIM, download the app, and after a one time password your phone number will be active. Though, you can keep your old number too. Then, you can purchase your bundle; I was given a 10GB one for a month, with unlimited texts and minutes. After a text confirming this, everything should be good to go! At first, my mobile data wasn’t working, however the phone needed an update. Once this was done and the phone restarted, it was working fine, so I’m not sure whether this was the phone itself rather than the SIM.

Featured bundles on To The Moon Mobile
Some of the data options offered with To The Moon Mobile.

How Affordable Are They?

One of the first things I noticed was that the To The Moon Mobile app was simple and easy to navigate. The main screen shows your balance and bundle details, along with how much data you’ve got left. There’s also a live customer service chat, though I haven’t had to use it in my time with them. You can then either top up your balance via your card or PayPal, or switch your bundle. The flexible bundle feature is definitely a stand out for the network; with 23 data options, you can go from the starting price of £6 for 2GB, all the way up to £20 for 80GB!

With no contract, you can change your bundle if you think that you need more or less data. Using a slider mechanic on the app, you can view how much it would cost to get the data you need, or vice versa. It’s a lot more stress free having this in mind, and the prices are affordable. On my current network for my own phone, ID Mobile, I’m paying £7 a month for 4GB. Initially I thought that meant To The Moon Mobile was a little bit more. However when playing with the slider, they offer 5GB for £8, and there are only small jumps between each option. For example, 6GB is then £8.40, and even though there’s no option in between 50GB and 80GB, it only goes from £18.90 to £20.

How Do They Compare to Other Networks?

Having a browse, Vodafone offer a sim only deal of 20GB of data and unlimited texts/minutes for £21 a month, and O2 have an 8GB deal for £15. Though, both networks offer unlimited data which To The Moon Mobile don’t. O2 has 100GB for £20 a month too, which you’re getting 20GB more than TTM Mobile‘s £20 option. However, these are all on contracts of 12 or 24 months, whereas TTM Mobile gives you that flexibility with no ties.

A network that comes close and will be a competitor is GiffGaff. They offer SIM only deals with no contracts too with their ‘golden goodybags’. This includes an unlimited data bundle at £35, and 100GB for £20. But then, GiffGaff’s 9GB is 40p more than TTM Mobile‘s. What TTM Mobile offers over it though is the variety of bundles to choose from, Giff Gaff’s ‘golden goodybags’ limited to just 4 options.

What’s the Signal Like?

TTM Mobile use the EE network, so it’s important before purchasing a SIM card to check what your coverage is like around your area. Mine came up as ‘excellent’ but to put it to the true test, I went for a walk not far from me which is in the middle of the countryside! With Pokemon Go in the palm of my hand, of course. My signal stayed at three bars throughout, and my 4G was consistently on whilst running speedily.

For me personally, I use my data mainly on playing Pokemon Go with my partner on walks, or having a browse of social media while out. Therefore I like to have a good signal wherever I go, which can typically be in remote areas. But, I had no issues with this. However, these things don’t use up an awful lot of data. I would probably go for a smaller data option myself. It’s nice that data goes up to 80GB, for those who maybe watch YouTube or stream media on the go. Here’s an idea of the download speeds you’re getting:

To The Moon Mobile download speed graphic
Perfect for watching Netflix on the go.

Rapid Recap

  • Flexible bundles with no contract and SIM only
  • Fast speeds and great coverage with EE’s network
  • Affordable prices with 23 data options
  • Easy to navigate app with direct access to live customer service
  • A current, active company on social media
  • No unlimited data options
  • Some may prefer a phone and SIM bundle which aren’t offered

Should You Choose TTM Mobile?

To The Moon Mobile brings something fresh and innovative to the mobile network market. Being able to choose whichever bundle you wish with the fact that you can change at any time, will be reassuring and a selling point to many people. Using the EE network too means you can relax knowing that you’re getting great speeds and coverage, at an affordable price. There is actually a recent promo deal for new customers, where you can get 10GB of data for £3.33 a month for the next three months. So, if you’re happy with your handset but looking for a new network, consider supporting a smaller business with TTM Mobile.

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


You can find out all about To The Moon Mobile at their website here.

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