• Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Review

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Join Mario, Sonic and friends for their greatest adventure yet in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for Nintendo Switch! Train for Tokyo 2020 solo or compete against friends in brand new events…

  • ViewSonic XG240R Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes The XG240R is the revamped successor to the ViewSonic XG2402 gaming monitor, integrating RGB accent lighting, and all the performance essentials needed for gamers to play competitively.

  • One Night Stand Review

    Reading Time: 5 minutes After a night of fun, passion, and one too many drinks, you wake up the next morning to find a complete stranger lying naked beside you in bed.

  • PlayStation State of Play

    Reading Time: 3 minutes The 24th of September 2019 puts us in line for another one of PlayStation’s State of Play presentations where they show us a bunch of stuff they’re bringing to the table in the near future. They’re…

  • i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag Review

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Ask any gamer what has the biggest impact on their gaming sessions, and most will say comfort. This has been the case with me for the past couple of years. Thankfully, the i-eX Gaming Chair Bean…

  • Indie Corner Spotlight – Paul Helman

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Next to step into the Indie Corner Spotlight is Paul Helman. Along with Sean Scaplehorn, Paul has recently released Horace on the Steam store. Read on to find out what inspired Paul to make games, and…

  • Rolling Sky Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes The mobile hit Rolling Sky rolls on over to the Nintendo Switch, and in it, the spherical sensation provides a unique taste to the usual platforming experience, testing the player's reaction times, reflexes and speed with…

  • Mainlining Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes The port of Rebelephant’s point-and-click hacker simulation to Nintendo Switch will allow gamers to do just that - hack with the ultimate goal of protecting the innocent, everyday internet users.

  • My Arcade Pixel Player Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Since starting Rapid Reviews UK back in August 2018, I've had the opportunity to review some pretty cool gadgets. The Pixel Player from MyArcade falls nicely into that category.

  • Microsoft @ E3 2019

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Microsoft brings games and only a tease of what's to come and leaves us asking more questions than answers.

  • Jungle Z Review

    Reading Time: 6 minutes There's nothing I like more than a good survival horror game. Throw in the post-apocalyptic angle, and I'm sold. So when the chance came to review Jungle Z, I just skipped.

  • Bitsummit 2019

    Reading Time: 10 minutes Before E3 this year, Kyoto was host to a large array of Indie Developers as Bitsummit held its seventh annual event. In 2018, over 11,000 people attended the event. This year, there were over 100 games…