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Stealth SP-C50 Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Stealth SP-C50 is a single charging dock for your PS4 with a 2m Braided Cable.

I often find myself with one controller cable from the PS4 to keep it all tidy, holding my red controller charged up. However finding myself short on charge can be a bit annoying, especially when a friend drops in and we fire up the PS4 for a random game.

The Stealth SP-C50 looks nice and sits well on a desk or table; it does, however, feel as plasticky as it seems. The cable, however, is entirely different, a 2m braided cable that looks great coming out of the PS4, I’d prefer that over the standard charger any day.

The front is illuminated when on charge and powered, as you can see in the image below, and will charge your device until ready or for the amount of time you’ve set for low power mode.

The price of this thing, however, is incredible!

I’d pay £7.99 for the cable alone, but with a dock to its astonishing value, plus you can ditch the dock and charge and play if you needed to.

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