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Stealth Cruiser A10 Rapid Review

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The Stealth Cruiser A10 are a battle-ready, WW2 camouflage-patterned gaming headset with removable microphone for all your gaming needs. 

The headphones pack a 40mm speaker delivered to your ears via a 3.5mm jack you plug directly into your controller or output on PC.

So what better way to test these than on the new Modern Warfare 2019, hopefully, the camouflage pattern, the Cruiser namesake and its rugged look will give me an edge over the competition.

Check out my review of that here.

Time for War

Initially, I wasn’t massively impressed, these aren’t massive headphones, and they don’t quite fit my big ears. However, this was trying them on before plugging them in.

Once I plugged into my PS4 controller and launched Modern Warfare, instantly the sounds around me drowned away, (I should know, my kids were screaming at me). Maybe the volume was a little high, but I didn’t get much background noise from these. 

In-game I could hear footsteps, voices and background noises, these are pretty good sounding headphones. They also do a great job of separating the voices of team chat versus the explosions on-screen. I can hear my party chat while we fire rockets and machine guns in the Gulag Showers.

The headphones come with a decent length cable of which is your standard plastic covering, shame its not braided, an in-line volume and mic mute controller and an adjustable and removable microphone on the left side.

The plastic design doesn’t look that bad with the camo print, but for some odd reason, there are notches inside the sliders when adjusting the bands. 

The ear cups are a soft sponge with a faux leather look, and there’s a top headband soft inlay too.

They’re also pretty lightweight, so a few hours of gaming didn’t seem to bother me as some other headphones have, they’re pretty comfy once I forget my ears don’t fit 100%

These headphones offer a good option for parents of gamers looking for a cheap headset that delivers a decent punch of sound. They aren’t the worlds best sounding headphones, and yes they can feel odd around the ear if they don’t fit correctly, but for £25, you’d be hard-pressed to find something as good for the same price.

Rapid Reviews Rating 

You can buy the Stealth Cruiser A10 at Argos.


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