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Delta Squad Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Delta Squad
Developer: EskemaGames
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Genre: Twin-Stick Shooter
Platform: PS4
Age Rating: PEGI 16
Release Date: 29/10/19
Price: £4.99 – Rapid Reviews were very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

I am one to believe that every game should be played, even if it’s bad, it has something to offer in some way shape or form. Except for Delta Squad.

Delta Squad is a prime example of how to make a game both somehow frustrating yet entirely forgettable. Its gameplay can be very easily summed up by “walk to a place while shooting things, hit and or hold a button, and then go to another place, repeat about 30 times” and this is for every level. There are multiple levels you can choose from, similar to something like Mega Man, but unlike Mega Man, each stage is pretty much the exact same thing. With the exact same enemies, the exact same look, to the point where I wondered if I was playing the same level I played before.

Delta Squad multiplayer gameplay screenshot
Delta Squad

Delta Squad is a game very much made for multiplayer; you can play with up to four people with each player taking on a different class role. The classes don’t do much besides changing your fire rate and your secondary weapon. The class system is super barebones, but it also makes it so the medic is pretty much the only option to go, as they’re the only ones that can heal and the only time you get health back naturally is after completing a few of the missions. The lack of health is a big problem, as one bad encounter with a turret or tank and you lose nearly all of your health if not all of it, and then you lose a life, which you only have three. Lives being the outdated mechanic that they are in this day and age, having only three per long, hard level is just not fun.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the game is so hard that I dislike it, a good challenge can be fun, and I’ve definitely played harder games which I found more fun. It’s just the complete monotony of the missions with the randomly difficult encounters that make it so every time you die there’s no real want to keep playing. Even the story and presentation of the game is utterly bland.

The story is that some Russians were evil (because why not?) and started making zombies. There’s an opening cutscene and some dialogue between some missions. The simple story makes sense for the game, so it’s not that much of a bother, it just adds nothing.

Delta Squad gameplay image
Also Delta Squad

The visuals in this game remind me of some sort of Wii Shovelware game, and it’s really tiny. It’s hard to tell some of the enemy types apart. Everything looks bland, ugly, and very samey. Same goes to the music, it never got really annoying, but I turned off music off every now and again because it was just bland and I’d rather listen to most other music.

Other than that, there’s just nothing to talk about when it comes to this game, there’s a survival mode, it’s, of course, bland. It’s just a square where enemies came in from different sides. Since everything was in one area, it’s a little better than the actual campaign mode.

There’s no real need to experience this game. It’s bland, monotonous, and despite the low price, I’d say it’s still not worth the money. If you do play this, play with friends, but if you get friends together to play a game, there are so many better options.

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