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Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

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The latest pair of wireless earbuds to arrive at Rapid Reviews HQ is the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. There was a lot of hype around these earbuds so I was very excited to use them. How did they perform? Do they live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

In the box

SoundCore is exceptionally generous with the number of EarWings and EarTips they provide with the earbuds. This means that you’ll be able to find a set to fit your ears. You also get a USB-C cable for when you don’t have access to a wireless charging pad.


I love the little pebble style case that the earbuds are housed in. With just a flick of a finger, the case gently slides open.

Another fantastic feature of the case is the ability to charge the earbuds wirelessly. Just sit the case on top of a wireless charging pad, and the three status lights on the front of the case will light up, indicating that the earphones, and case, are charging.

Battery life

The battery life of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is quite impressive. I was able to listen to music for the advertised 8 hours. Using a fully charged charging case, you can charge the earphones three times.

The earbuds charge very quickly. If you’re in a rush, you can get about 2 hours of listening time from around 10 minutes in the charging case.

Is the sound good to the core?

The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pros sound fantastic. It’s easy to see, I mean hear, why they have been endorsed by 10 Grammy-winning producers.

Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture: A state-of-the-art design which integrates a customized Knowles balanced armature and an 11mm dynamic driver. Astria completely eliminates interference while producing harmonized treble and bass for jaw-dropping sound.

I’m not going to pretend to understand the complexities of Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture and dynamic drivers. However, what I do know is that as a result of this auditory wizardry, the Liberty 2 Pros deliver an amazing experience for the listener.


An excellent feature of these earbuds is HearID.

HearID is a clever piece of software that allows you to finetune the listening experience. In a quiet room, it plays you several tones which you have to respond to. This maps your individual unique HearID. Below, I have noted my reactions to a number of songs. You really have to try these earbuds to believe the quality.

Living Colour – Cult of Personality

I listened to this song using my HearID profile, and I was blown away. You could distinctly hear every instrument, even down to each drum being hit.

The Weekend – I Can’t Feel My Face

This bass-heavy pop song sounded amazing using the SoundCore Liberty Pro 2. You can hear every detail as if you’re in a live show.

Low Roar – Don’t be so Serious

Listening to this song made you feel like you were in the music. It’s such a haunting song, and these earbuds made it even more so.

BOOM – X Ambassadors

The bass line in this song is immense, and even at full volume, which is loud, the sounds doesn’t become distorted in the slightest.

You can also use these earbuds to answer phone calls and the quality when doing this if superb.


The SoundCore Liberty 2 Pros are hands down, the best true wireless earbuds that I have reviewed to date. At £149.00, these aren’t a cheap pair of earbuds. However, they are worth every penny.

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