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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review

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Game Details

Title: Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Genre: Shooter‬, ‪Strategy‬
Platform: Xbox One
Audience: PEGI 16
Release Date: 14/05/2019
Price: £29.99 – Rapid Reviews UK were very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers say

In the dark days of the end of World War 2 amidst the ruins of Berlin, one bullet can change history…

Remastered from the 2012 favourite, Sniper Elite V2 will see you parachuted into World War 2 Berlin amidst the Germans’ final stand. Stealth is key as you find yourself trapped between two desperate armies in a race against time.

Includes all DLC, modernised graphics, photo mode and more!


In Sniper Elite V2, you are elite sniper Karl Fairburne, infiltrating Berlin against the evil Nazis and their last stand. Your mission in Germany is to prevent the Red army from obtaining the Nazi V2 rocket technology. You must assist the key scientists eager to defect to the US, and use your arsenal of guns to ensure that no one stands in your way.

Stealth is a definite must, as the opposing armies are no joke: they heavily outnumber you in terms of men and bullets. Crouch, crawl, take cover – anything to stay hidden. Once you’re in a set position, be sure to snipe in your unseen spot and be rewarded with a beautiful, slow-motion, X-ray examination of your glorious kill. Get spotted, and you’re in trouble.

In this edition, the DLC in the previous iteration will come with the game granting you access to new characters. With an array of traps and guns, Berlin will stand no chance. Be sure to wipe out any inconveniences in your way.

Audio & Visual

As this is the remastered edition, you can expect the audio and visuals to have significant upgrades to an elite standard. The sound effects of the guns clicking and resonating from the speakers truly gives the shooter a sense of satisfaction. The explosions from fiendishly placed traps or large tanks create an intense atmosphere, making the player itch their trigger finger. The soundtrack delivers suspense in every mission and builds the ambience for secret missions.

The models and textures for characters, guns, settings and more have been as the title suggests, remastered. The characters look cleaner, and more meticulous, likewise to the gory, slow-motion snipes. Cutscenes and environmental displays are also of much finer quality than its previously dated counterpart.

Gameplay & Replayability

As a shooting game, the best results come from not only the bullets but with accuracy and precision, and Sniper Elite V2 rewards just that. The satisfaction of gunning down the enemy and landing the perfect snipe is indeed a feeling to relish. Eliminating every soldier one by one demonstrates proficiency, enriching the player’s progression.

Despite this excellent remastering, the narrative remains unsatisfactory as cutscenes have little to no dialogue and just feature character movement and inclusion with complex reasoning. However, the multiple scenarios did enable new combat options and situations to use against the opposing armies.

There are a few mechanics for the player to grasp, such as masking shots by hiding behind objects emitting loud noises. This can lead to more experimentation in the player’s missions, but overall, there hasn’t been a considerable amount of upgrading. Some guns feel uncomfortable to use and situations that transpired in-game years ago can still crop up, such as inferior enemy AI.


In conclusion, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is a decent upgrade. It is indeed more visually pleasing, and the gameplay is more gratifying, but there generally isn’t much more to do than the first iteration. The story isn’t that memorable, but the intriguing combat situations make it worthwhile. This game has done a fantastic job in the remastering factor, but there are still occasional provocations here and there so overall.

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You can purchase Sniper Elite V2 Remastered from the Microsoft Store on the following link,

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