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Smash Drums – Oculus Quest Review

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Fast Facts

Smash Drums

Developer: PotamWorks SAS
Publisher: PotamWorks SAS
Genre(s): Action, Arcade, Music
Platform: Quest 2
Age Rating: Teen
Release Date: 02/12/21
Price: $19.99

A code was provided for review purposes

A New Rockstar Enters

Smash Drums on Oculus Quest 2 shadow dropped on December 2, 2021, after the UploadVR Winter Showcase. The game developer Mr. Potam on Twitter reached out to us and sent us a review code to try out the game in its full release ahead of the release date. I had played the demo of Smash Drums in its App Lab release which had 3 or 4 playable tracks and a few backgrounds to play in.

Drums fly towards you.
Smash down on the drums as they fly towards you.

Kitted Out

Now that Smash Drums is fully released on Quest 2, I am happy to share my thoughts and reviews on Rapid Reviews UK. Rhythm games have been a staple in VR with games like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Super Hot being some of the most popular titles. Smash Drums takes the block slicing style gameplay found in Beat Saber and moves it to the drum kit complete with cymbals and tapping your sticks in rhythm on a quest for high scores.

Mixed reality image of someone rocking out to Smash Drums.
Mixed reality rocking!

Smashing Challenge Ahead

There are four difficulty levels within each song that will challenge you to stay in tempo and rhythm as you play through each song. As music genre games go, hitting notes in succession lead to multipliers. With Smash Drums, you get points with each correct hit but can net 1500 perfect scores for hitting the drums or cymbals with 100% accuracy. 

The world around the player is breaking
The world around you crumbles as you JAM!

Keeping the Rhythm

During songs, you will need to smash drums that are glowing with flames or hit lightly the ones made of crystal. There are also drums that need to be hit 2 or 3 times in quick succession. They will display a number on top of them corresponding to how many hits they require. There are also drums and cymbals noted with exclamation points coming in as half notes that you will have to contend against.

Change you difficulty and game modes in the settings.
Change your difficulty and game modes in the settings.

Your Set List

Smash Drums has over 30 tracks in its game. Including songs including Lover Boy, Gamer Girl, New American Dream, Stand Here and Wait, Fan Tas Tick, and more. As I said earlier there are four difficulty levels that add complexity to songs as you move up in the ranks. 

Full set list of tracks.
Tracks to choose from.

Multiplayer Jams

You don’t have to play Smash Drums alone though. You are welcome to join in arena mode which pits you eight others to smash drums. Before going in, you can vote on a song to play and watch as each of you blast along to your songs. There are also a variety of venues to play in such as a prison cell, cave, classroom, the moon, and more. The eight venues you can play in add variety to the surroundings.

High Score Hero

If you are looking for another great rhythm game in VR or prior games such as Unplugged, Synth Riders, and Beat Saber didn’t click with you, then Smash Drums on the Quest is a great addition to your library. The visuals are simple and the gameplay is fast and addictive. If you pick up the game let me know on Twitter @jonathanober so we can join up in a multiplayer matchup.

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


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