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RC Rush – Steam PCVR Review

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Fast Facts

RC Rush
Developer: Tea Monster Games, 4 Fun Studio
Publisher: Tea Monster Games
Genre(s): Action, Racing, Sports
Platform: Steam PCVR
Age Rating: Not yet rated
Release Date: 08/10/2021
Price: £13.99

A code was provided for review purposes

Ultimate Control

I am working through some backlog reviews of VR games that we have been given codes to and finally getting around to putting my thoughts together for RC Rush on Steam. RC Rush places you in a stationary position overseeing your RC car during races against opponents. You control the car or truck via the controller triggers accelerating and braking around turns. As you move quickly through the short tracks, many of which take under 2 minutes to complete you unlock other race cars and tracks.

Cruising around the swimming pool at top speeds.

Training Wheels

Starting off RC Rush you can jump into driving training which takes you on the basics of controlling your vehicle. The tutorial teaches you how to approach jumps, turns, and ramps in succession maintaining control, especially on hairpin turns. Once you are ready to race you can jump into the main campaign races or multiplayer races.

Racing around a cave full of gold coins and artefacts.

Childhood Joy Restored

RC Rush made me nostalgic for my childhood when I used to go camping at a place that had a professional-level RC track and weekend races. We used to go watch races as a family and playing RC Rush made me feel like I was ten again. I told my wife several times while playing the game that I have not smiled this much in VR. Playing the game on my Quest 2 headset through Steam Virtual Desktop was an absolute delight.

Perfectly rendered burgers and other food await your race around the table.

Knocking You Off Track

Each track in RC Rush has a unique theme like playing on a playground, a junkyard, on a tabletop surrounded by food, and around the swimming pool. There are various obstacles in your way on each track like air condition units, sea saws, log outcroppings, and solar panels. Since you play standing over the courses in Virtual Reality the game is comfortable to play as you are stationary during each race and can play standing or sitting. Each race drops you in among seven other opponents each vying for the top spot. Races go on for three to six or so laps based on the track you are on. When the countdown drops, it’s time to drive. You can accelerate around the track pretty quickly but due to the handling of RC cars, you will want to use the brake and feather the power to drift around corners. Most of the tracks have ramps and areas you can fly off of into the abyss or into a corner. On some tracks where the course loops and ramps over itself, you will need to take into account your opponents as you bump into them and crashes can halt your lead.

Creative tracks include wood tracks, as well as ramps and curves.

Upgrading Your Garage

If there is one thing that RC Rush does well is in its variety of vehicles and tracks. There are race cars and trucks all jacked up with large wheels. Each car has three stats that help you choose what is important to you, as far as grip, offroad, and speed. As you beat head-to-head races that will pop up from time to time you can unlock new cars to add to your growing garage. Vehicle designs are reminiscent of Monster Truck or oversized cars and trucks you might find in destruction derbies and races. Each vehicle is colourful and covered in splashes of colours and decals giving each one a unique style.

Winning a race results in fireworks.

Everyone Can Race

RC Rush on PCVR is a great addition to my growing Virtual Reality library. The game is accessible and easy for newcomers to VR. Racing fans will enjoy the fast and frenetic pace of each race along with ramps and twisting turns. The tracks have a great variety as well and no two race tracks feel similar. If you are a fan of radio-controlled cars and have access to Steam VR I would recommend you race on over to RC Rush today.

Purchase RC Rush from the Steam Store here.

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