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Prehistoric Dude Review

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Fast Facts

Prehistoric Dude

Developer: lightUP
Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL
Genre: 2D Platformer
Platform: PlayStation 4
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 12/08/2020
Price: £3.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Prehistoric Problems

Another Ratalaika game, another short romp to a platinum trophy. I have played many Ratalaika games over the years and at one point bought loads of them for easy to grab platinum trophies. I have since stopped that but don’t mind reviewing one now and again. Their quality is very variable, let’s see where Prehistoric Dude on the PS4 sits in the Ratalaika quality spectrum, shall we?

So, Prehistoric Dude, which is a very uninspired title by the way, is about, well, a Prehistoric Dude. What has the world come to when you can’t even have a meal eating your favourite food in peace? Your massive piece of ham has been stolen and that is basically the plot here. Your job is to track down the large dinosaur-shaped fiend who stole your dinner from you. Good luck with that one!

Prehistoric Dude Review
Yep, it’s a Ratalaika game alright.

Well Trodden Traits

Anyone who has played a few Ratalaika games will feel immediately at home. Even to the point where you may feel they have played this game before. It has that 2D, old-school classic Ratalaika game look and plays like many of the developer’s other titles. Run, jump, collect power-ups and kill very simple enemies. It’s not a bad game per-se, it just feels overly familiar.

If there is a defining trait, a single thing that may set this game apart, it is that the game’s open-world has a slight Metroidvania feel to it. Instead of levels or stages, Prehistoric Dude is set in a 2D open-world. It’s a small thing but it’s the thing that made the game slightly, and I mean slightly, interesting. You will need to backtrack, find keys, locate power-ups, unlock doors and take on very simple bosses scattered throughout this small world.

Prehistoric Dude Review
What is up with your neck bro?

The power-ups, which must be located to progress, also give the game a very light Metroidvania feel to it. Whether it be climbing gloves, the ability to push stones or other traversal tweaks, Prehistoric Dude‘s small map must be combed through to find the tools you need to progress further. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Hollow Knight or Dead Cells but at least it gave the game a bit of character.

Prehistoric Presentation

Prehistoric Dude looks and sounds like most other Ratalaika games. If you have played one you know what I mean. Very basic, very bright and with simple, fundamental, happy, plinky-plonky music. Most of their games look the same, like something created for a test, or something created to show off a concept before the ‘actual’ game is made. It’s not bad, I feel it just blends in with all the other titles this developer makes.

Prehistoric Dude Review
I have seen darker, to be fair.

Trophy Hunters are The Real Demographic

As I said earlier, this game is targeted at trophy hunters. In my trophy hunting heyday, I would have snapped this baby up quicker than your lunch was stolen at the start of the game. You only need to get to the second boss to get the platinum, if that does not show off this game’s intentions, what does? It’s very simple, very easy, has no consequenses for dying and apart from trophy hunters I cannot see who would really enjoy playing Prehistoric Dude.

So, while I did not hate the game, while it looks and sounds like every other Ratalaika game out there, apart from trophy hunters, I struggle to see who I would recommend this game to. It works, on a functional level but is uninspiring in every other way. If you want a Metroidvania, 2D platformer or any other type of game this title borrows from, there are many and I mean many, better titles out there. It is good if you want a quick, easy, shiny platinum though. I know a lot of you do and it’s only a few quid for your short troubles.

Rapid Reviews Rating

If you would like to buy Prehistoric Dude for you PlayStation 4, you can pick it up here: PlayStation Store

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