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Ninty Fresh Issue 2 – Rapid Reveal

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Shaun Hughes, Deputy Editor for Ninty Fresh magazine, shares an update about the recently launched Kickstarter for Issue 2.

We are very pleased to announce that the team behind the first issue of Ninty Fresh magazine are back at it again. Buoyed by the recent success of our inaugural issue which raised in excess of £15,000, we’ve taken stock, listened to feedback and doubled down on our efforts to make this the best place to read about all things Nintendo.

Our latest effort is focused around F-Zero, and the front cover should hopefully give a firm indicator that we mean business. Phil Summers, the incredible artist behind those sublime hand-drawn game guides, has captured the very essence of F-Zero whilst also setting the benchmark for the quality we aim to achieve with our magazine.

Previous top notch work by Phil!

Inside the mag there will be features about the six games in the F-Zero series, as well as a retrospective from legendary writer Chris Scullion. To accompany all of the F-Zero content, we will also have editorials, news segments, the latest game reviews, and some fantastic retro content looking at the likes of GoldenEye and Pokemon Yellow.

The Kickstarter is live now and, at the time of writing, has amassed just over £10,500. We have 760 backers to thank for that and their unwavering support for what we are trying to achieve here means more than they know. For us to become a magazine that can stand the test of time, we need all the support we can get. Every little helps to get our name out there: a like, a retweet, a share in a family WhatsApp group (you never know). Just £6 will get you a print copy of the magazine when it launches In November, as well as a Ninty Fresh keyring, a double-sided poster and a cover art pin badge.

We’ve smashed three of our stretch goals and our next big one is at £15,000, and it is a big one! For this stretch goal, Oskunk (a French artist based in Paris) will create a “Captain Falcon” themed art print (A4) that will be included with every print issue. You can see examples of his outstanding work below.

The design is pending but as you can see from the examples, it’s going to be something special!

Every bit of support for our little thing is humbling. Whether you pledge for a PDF version of the magazine, the print copy, or one of the heavier tiers, your support is what will make this happen. We absolutely love Nintendo and its games, and just want to make something that brings more of that content to more eyes. Beyond that, the impact of sharing this Kickstarter, telling your friends and pushing it far and wide is massive The more people supporting this, the more likely it’ll not only become a reality, but allow us to make something even better and bigger in the future. And perhaps even more regular.

We really hope that the successes of our first issue give people the confidence to back us again. We are a passionate and committed team with a wealth of experience with Nintendo products, and also print media. Some of us herald from Switch Player (our A5 sister magazine) and longstanding Editor-in-Chief, Paul Murphy, has been at it ever since the launch of The Vitamag!

As ever, a massive thank you to Rapid Reviews and Mike for the continued support. Mike and the team are a massive credit to the games industry and I personally owe a lot to them all.


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