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Marvel Battleworld Treachery at Twilight Review

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A Marvel Battleworld Mega Pack and Two Battle Balls were provided at no cost for review purposes.

Funko figures and board games combine once again in the multiversal mashup that is Marvel Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight. Building upon the foundations of last year’s ‘Mystery of the Thanostones’, does Treachery of Twilight continue to offer the same marvel-ous gameplay offered before? Find out in this Rapid Review.

A Proven Success

Last year, I reviewed the debut Battleworld season ‘Mystery of the Thanostones’ for Rapid Reviews, awarding four stars thanks to the easy to pick up gameplay, well-designed figures and the appearance of characters from across the Marvel universe. To prevent repeating myself, my thoughts on the core formula of Battleworld remain positively the same and the token and luck-based gameplay continues to impress and offer the same accessible gameplay seen before. As such, this review will focus on the character additions seen in this year’s instalment and I’d encourage you to read my existing review to hear more about the rules and my detailed thoughts on gameplay. 

Packaging for treachery of twilight ; a plastic hexagonal box.
Open the box!

A New Roster

The blind-box nature of the Funko Battleworld series provides much excitement in uncovering new figures, and, like before, this sense of discovery is seen during gameplay thanks to the appearance of Thanostones; characters that are hidden inside polystyrene boxes and unlocked once gameplay unlock criteria are met. This year’s lineup brings back old favourites such as Throg whilst also introducing new characters and merging already-loved heroes together. My favourite characters that I obtained from this year’s collection include Groot Thor and Agent Venom, though I still enjoyed the appearance of well-loved characters such as Falcon and Iron-Man. Of course, the mysterious nature that comes with these sort of collectable games meant that I did receive an extra Falcon from the Battle Ball but these heroes can still be used together in a game. I am also sure that the multiversal canon of this series means that there is a universe where two Falcon’s can exist at once! 

Plastic figures of various marvel characters and hexagonal paper pieces.
The Roster So Far

Enter the Battle Ball!

This year, I was able to review the Battle Ball on top of the mega pack. Inside the battle ball, are two heroes (each with their respective hero cards), a collection of enemy cards and the required die and tokens needed for a full game. The inclusion of the gameplay equipment was a great idea as it meant that players can get straight into a game without needing to buy the more expensive, but still good value, starting mega pack. Of course, naturally, there will be fewer heroes to choose from and a more limited scope in terms of abilities but the battle ball does provide a great entry point to try out the gameplay before deciding whether to invest into more figures.

A hexagonal sphere with Falcon and Iron Goblin figures
Inside the Battle Ball


Treachery of Twilight keeps what was great about the original Marvel Battleworld formula whilst continuing to add new heroes and enemies from across the multiverse. Offering a variety of good-value methods to try out the gameplay, Treachery of Twilight is worth purchasing for the gameplay; but, if you’re like me, you’ll most likely end up enjoying the figures the most! 

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


You can purchase Marvel Battleworld: Treachery of Twilight from the Funko Games Store

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