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Rolling Sky Review

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Game Details

Title: Rolling Sky
Developer: Rising Win Tech
Publisher: Rising Win Tech
Genre: Board Game, Music, Other
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 12/04/19
Price: £8.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title. *Currently on sale for £7.19 until 24/07/19*

The mobile hit Rolling Sky rolls on over to the Nintendo Switch, and in it, the spherical sensation provides a unique taste to the usual platforming experience, testing the player’s reaction times, reflexes and speed with fun challenges accompanied by gratifying background music. The player controls a ball that rolls automatically and must traverse through many obstacles like spikes and lasers that can only be avoided by moving with perfect timing to the rhythm.

In my Rapid Review, I will determine if Rolling Sky is well-rounded for the Nintendo Switch or if it should roll back over to mobile devices.

One of Rolling Sky’s most iconic features is it’s catchy and delightful music that not only matches the required steps for movement but provide a pleasing experience while playing such a calm and small title. Audio is smooth and gentle contrasting to the high pressure the player goes through, trying not to mess up the pattern.

Visuals consist of stunning 3D effects, such as the sphere the player controls and the challenging stages built out of floating square platforms. Each stage is distinguished with an abundance of colours and a multitude of different outputs.

In the original iteration on mobile devices, the ball is manoeuvred via simple finger swipes. However, the Nintendo Switch allows Rolling Sky to be played in a completely parallel way, with controllers. Rolling Sky can be played with all setups, TV, Handheld or Tabletop. This, of course, enables Joy-Con and Pro Controller support. Touchscreen is still an option too.

However, while playing Rolling Sky, I didn’t feel like it was sufficient for the console. Since the game is on portable phones and tablets, it would make sense to add it to another portable console but was that the best move? I discovered that using the touchscreen was difficult as the ball barely moved, so I tried the Joy-Cons. Unfortunately, they seemed to move the ball too quickly, as did the Pro Controller. While attempting to maintain these sensitive controls, it was difficult to get past the simplest obstacles.

I wouldn’t replay this game on the Switch and would much rather move back to playing on a phone, where the controls feel more functional and straightforward.

In conclusion, Rolling Sky is a good game, just not on the Nintendo Switch. Not only is the mobile version free, but it provides a more tolerable experience. Also, a game like Rolling Sky shouldn’t be played with controllers.

Rolling Sky is a good game in general. The 3D visuals are pleasing, and the soundtrack is fantastic. The platforming is good for curing boredom and providing a little challenge. However, it doesn’t feel as enjoyable on the Switch, making the mobile version more preferable.

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You can purchase Rolling Sky from the Nintendo eShop at the following link,

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