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Cleer Scene Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Tech Specs

Cleer Scene Bluetooth SpeakerDual 48mm Dynamic Drivers for roo-filling sound
IPX7 Waterproofing and shockproof design
Built-in microphone for voice calls
12hr, all-day battery life
Hardware kindly provided by the manufacturer. (Website)

Elegant and Clear

A Bluetooth speaker is never something I have ever bought or ever thought about buying. However, having had one for review for a little while, I did find it rather nifty and quite useful. Cleer is not a name I recognise but what we have here is a portable, semi-affordable speaker that has a decent sound and sports a look that makes it stand out amongst its peers.


I do like to discuss packaging a little, which, when I say it out loud, sounds very peculiar. I do appreciate a well-packaged product though, no matter how weird it sounds. The Cleer Scene comes in a very minimalistic white box emblazoned with a holographic sticker that matches the classy look the hardware portrays. The speaker comes with a very streamlined manual, and a charging cable, while the box has a fold-over top, rather than your normal two-piece affair. I wish the top were magnetized as the lid does flop around a little, but that’s nit-picking. The packaging does its job and certainly looks the part.

Cleer Scene
Sleek and Sophisticated

Design and Looks

The best part of the Scene, in my humble opinion, is the look of it. While not being to everyone’s tastes, it has a distinctive, stylish charm that really makes it look different to other speakers on the market. Rather than being the round pill-like shape that most speakers are, it has a sort of lip on one side of it, creating a very unique silhouette, and I dig it a lot. It’s wrapped in a cloth material in the centre, and each end is adorned with a passive radiator on either end. The whole thing looks quality, feels robust and has a weightiness to it that makes it feel very well-built.

Adorning this lovely-looking speaker are rubber buttons, a LED light and a charge port. It’s designed so well that you know what everything does and where everything is without even looking at the manual. With it all looking so elegant too, you have a win-win from the look and design perspectives. Good job.

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Using the Scene was a breeze, to say the least. Once again, without even looking at the supplied manual, I was able to stream from my phone in seconds without any hitches whatsoever. Turn it on, click the Bluetooth button and pair it with my phone. No faffing, no jeffing, straight in and working, faultless really. Usability is a big thing with hardware like this, and the Cleer Scene excels in this department. No usability issues whatsoever.

Cleer Scene
A Very Stylish Form Factor

Sound and Features

Another notch on the already impressive Cleer Scene’s resume is the sound quality. While not being really high on bass, the sound is clear and consistent, and the bass is on point where required. The Cleer Scenes dual driver, dual passive radiator setup delivers a very clean, artefact-free sound that can be turned up quite loud for such a small device. While not an audiophile by any means, I truly enjoyed how good this little speaker sounded.

The button configuration on the Scene is well designed, too, allowing you to take calls, fast forward through tracks and the like without even using the parent device. I am sure this is standard on Bluetooth speakers these days, but the feature is appreciated anyway.

The Cleer Scene is also apparently waterproof, and while I will not be taking it in the bath anytime soon, having the knowledge that if it was to get wet for any reason and still work is great news. I live in a house with three kids, and accidents happen a lot.

Final Thoughts on the Cleer Scene Bluetooth Speaker

Coming in at just under £100, I do think, especially with a lot of people struggling at the moment, that the Cleer Scene is a bit on the pricey side. I do think, though, that for your money, you do get a very classy-looking, well-performing speaker.

The Cleer Scene sounds amazing, looks very unique and works flawlessly. If you are in the market for a speaker and have spare cash, I can certainly recommend it. I might use it a bit more often if my damn daughter did not nick it off me all the time.

Rapid Reviews Rating

gold score

You can get your hands on a Cleer Scene speaker from the Cleer store today.

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