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Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab Rapid Review

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I have been using the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab for a few weeks now, so I thought that it was time to write down my thoughts.


The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is somewhat unique. It has a multipurpose kickstand that pops out at the touch of a button, hence the name Yoga. Using this kickstand, you can stand the tablet up, tilt it to use when typing and, if you wanted to, you could hang it up.

I found the kickstand more useful than I thought I would. Being in isolation has led to many hours of video calling, so being able to stand the tablet up has been great.

Another useful feature of the kickstand is Google Ambient mode. When you open the kickstand, it activates Ambient mode. This will show you information, such as the time, weather, and various artwork. You can also set it to show pictures from your connected Google Photos account. This is particularly handy if, for some reason, you decide to hang the tablet. Doing so turns the tablet into more of a smart home hub.

The back of the tablet is textured, which makes it easy to hold.

Talking of holding, there are a couple of other design features that make this tablet comfortable to hold for extended periods. These are the weight of the tablet, and the shape of the speaker housing. As you can see in the picture below, the curved housing of the speakers provides a good grip.


With a full high definition 10.1” screen (1920x1080P), pictures, books, and games look fantastic on the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab. Images are vibrant, and text is crisp.


An area in which this tablet excels is the sound. At full volume, the JBL speakers fill the room, and the audio is not “tinny” at all. Music and TV sound great on this tablet.

You can tweak the audio using the included Dolby Atmos feature. I kept mine on the Dynamic mode, and it seemed to adapt to what I was listening to.


The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab was able to cope with all everyday tasks such as emailing, browsing, tweeting, listening to music, and watching TV. I was also able to play some of my favourite games on the tablet, including games such as LEGO Legacy, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. When it came to more processing power-hungry games like Call of Duty Mobile, the tablet did struggle a little.


The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab features two cameras. The front-facing camera is 5mp and the rear, 8mp. You can also record video in 1080p. While the tablet will not win any photography awards, it is more than adequate for what is needed. I imagine that most people who use the tablet would be using it to video call family members, and for that, it is great.


At £249 The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is quite expensive. However, I believe that it is a viable option for people looking for an excellent all-round alternative to an iPad. It looks and sounds great, and the unique kickstand is actually handy, and not just a pointless gimmick.

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