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Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Monitor Review

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Fast Facts

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Monitor

Manufacturer: Lenovo
Screen Size: 24.5″
Resolution: 1920×1080
Refresh Rate: Supports up to 240Hz
Other Information: FreeSync with G-Sync compatability, Single HDMI port, DisplayPort 1.2 connections
Price: £299.99

A unit was provided for this review

We Are Legion

Having launched its Legion line back in 2017, Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has benefited from producing a range of products to suit every gamer’s needs. As the company goes from strength to strength with its range of Legion laptops, it comes as no surprise that a host of Legion branded monitors have followed suit.

When the opportunity to put the Legion Y25-25 Monitor through its paces came I naturally jumped at the chance. I’ve had an almost daily experience with the monitor for about 3 months now, so let’s see what the fuss is about…

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Monitor Review Profile and Side View
Style, Profile…

240Hz At An Affordable Price

What makes the Y25-25 appealing is it offers a stunning 240Hz display at a reasonable value. It’s a very “cheap” pricing point that’s certainly going to attract plenty of eager eyes. Also to Lenovo’s credit even with its pricing the Y25-25 has an incredibly sturdy structure that when coupled with what this monitor has on offer is an incredible bargain.

Aside from supporting 240Hz, the 24.5″ IPS display also boasts full HD – 1920×1080 resolution, with a brightness level of up to 400 nits. Throw in the 1000:1 ratio, anti-glare, and a 1ms response time, the Legion Y25-25 sets out to perform some serious business.

A Gaming Great

The majority of my hands-on testing of the Legion Y25-25 came from my Xbox Series X. Naturally this is a monitor that’s been primarily made for a PC (more on that below) but it also works incredibly well for the flagship Microsoft console. There’s a whole host of titles that support 240Hz, such as Gears 5, Destiny 2, Fortnite and Warzone. I play a lot of Destiny 2 and Fortnite. Whilst Fortnite offers a full 240Hz, Destiny 2 only offers this within the Crucible. To be fair that’s good enough. I found the quick response rate made the game feel far smoother than normal, and I even started to enjoy the multiplayer mode.

Sadly my PC isn’t top of the range anymore so I couldn’t put the Y25-25 through most of its paces. But what I did experience made everything a real treat. Thankfully my PC still manages to play StarCraft 2 on extreme, which served as the bulk of my PC testing. Whilst this normally looks great, the Y25-25 made it a lot better. The Zerg looked particularly menacing with each movement portrayed with crystal clear clarity. Even with my own technical “issues”, the Y25-25 became part of my Xbox life. While the monitor doesn’t support a 4K resolution there is an option for HDR. However, it’s not all that great and is probably best left disabled. Owners of compatible Radeon or Nvidia products will also be pleased to hear that the Y25-25 is G-Sync certified which will allow an adaptive framerate on compatible hardware.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Monitor Review G-Sync Options
G-Sync off, G-Sync on.


Continuing with that Lenovo trend, the Y25-25 offers a sleek tidy look with room for the bare essentials. The bottom bezel is a real stand out. It’s slightly too bulky and gives the monitor a much larger presence than it probably needs. Aside from the blue trim that surrounds the bezel, and the power light, there’s no other fancy lights or accessories. The whole monitor is covered with a sleek black border, that offers a modern design and looks – even with the bezel. The stand also offers a great degree of movement and allows for 130mm of height adjustment, a 30° swivel, -5°/+30° tilt and the ability to pivot into portrait mode.

On the monitor reverse you’ll find the power connector, an HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort 2.0, and a 3mm headphone jack. The Legion Y25-25 doesn’t have integrated speaker support but does come with four USB Type-A ports, and a handy headset cradle that tucks into the side of the unit. The front of the monitor sports the screen’s display options and the standby button. The on-screen menu display is pretty simple to use, however, it’s a bit of a mess to first navigate.


If you’re in the market for a cheap gaming monitor that has all the hallmarks (and performance) of a high-end product then the Lenovo Legion Y25-25 is a great choice. It brings a 1080 high definition IPS panel, 240Hz, and FreeSync/G-Sync into a highly robust and sleek looking monitor package.

There’s plenty of graphical options included for the most hard-core gamer to get the most out of their system and the display. While the monitor lacks high-end HDR support, and 4K resolution, its full HD is more than enough for the average gamer. The Legion Y25-25 also boasts some pretty great viewing angles too, which when coupled with the anti-glare makes viewing from any angle a simple process.

Rapid Reviews Rating

5 out of 5


You can purchase the Lenovo Legion Y25-25 here.

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