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Fast Facts

Lawn Mowing Simulator

Developer: Skyhook Games
Publisher: Curve Digital
Genre(s): Simulation
Platform: PC Steam, Xbox Series X|S
Age Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 10/08/21
Price: $29.99

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It time for Lawn Mowing Simulator
Time to get the job done atop your Stiga mower.

Summer Job the Game

Simulation as a genre is a very broad label over games that typically simulate real-world scenarios. In the case of Lawn Mowing Simulator, a chore or real-world job. What makes games like Job Simulator, Power Wash Simulator, or Lawn Mowing Simulator, to me is the way I can take part in a simulation for something I otherwise would not get a chance to. I don’t have access to large lawn mowers or a desire to run my own mowing company. Having the opportunity to cut grass may not seem exciting to some, but in Lawn Mowing Simulator the main draw is the zen-like monotony which can be satisfying.

Your main goal in Lawn Mowing Simulator is starting from scratch by choosing the main avatar, company name, shirt and hat colours, and a logo. Your choices for the aforementioned task have limited creation tools, but are sufficient enough for their role in the game. Next up you chose one of two starting mowers that you can test out before committing to and then it’s off to your first gig.

Be careful lawn mowing around flower beds and gazebos.
Be careful mowing around flower beds and gazebos.

Blades of Steel

The main loop of Lawn Mowing Simulator is to take on jobs around town mowing a variety of properties. Each has its own completion percentage and time requirement. When you set out on your job you need to first go around the property and make sure it’s clean of debris like tools and toys. Once you are cleared to begin mowing you can hop atop your mower and set out to cut the grass. Since each gig has a necessary cut length you need to be sure to set the mower up to the desired length before cutting the grass.

From there you will need to complete the percentage of the lawn that needs to be cut. This is the meat and potatoes of the game and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to complete to over an hour in real-time. There isn’t room to skip through the time it will take to mow each property and this in itself makes Lawn Mowing Simulator a great game to play while multitasking a phone call, podcast, or show.

Grand landscapes await your budding Lawn Care business.
Grand landscapes await your budding Lawn Care business.

Successful Clippings

After successfully completing your job you get paid, which can be used to upgrade equipment, buy add-ons, and put towards a larger warehouse for storing your mowers. While mowing you may also damage your mower as you run over pavement, rocks, or knock into walls. Repairing your equipment and refilling it costs money so be sure to keep your equipment topped off and fueled.

Lawn Mowing Simulator has some of the most realistic grass physics in a game. As you cut through the yard you will notice areas of patches of grass you missed. Differentiating between already cut grass is a visual splendour in Lawn Mowing Simulator. If you are good enough you can mow unique patterns within the yard like grids or checkerboards. Some jobs even require that you use a mower that mulches the grass or fulfil the desired clean look where no grass covers over walkways or flowerbeds. This extra added level of detail in the mowing, along with the detailed look of each mower helps in the immersion of feeling like you are really mowing the grass.

Your Mowing Kingdom awaits.
Your Mowing Kingdom awaits.

Best Business Practices

Progression through the game will require you to acquire team members and more mowers. Once you have enough people on your team you can also send them out to get jobs done. They help with assisting in growing your reputation and income. Each new hire though has strengths and weaknesses which can be costly or save you money. For instance, a team member that has more experience may cost you more during each work order. Newer, junior level, employees may be costly in a different way. They can accrue fines by damage done to properties and less reputation gained with each gig. Team members that work longer with your company will begin to gain experience and be less costly to your business overall.

There’s a lot of game within Lawn Mowing Simulator with thirty or so properties. You also have over a dozen of lawnmowers available to purchase. If you count the additional mowing add-ons and team members you acquire the variety of what can be done in growing your lawn care empire is immense. Your overall feelings towards the simulation genre may weigh on your appreciation for Lawn Mowing Simulator. While the game has a lot included within it there is a monotony that eventually may take over. The game is all about mowing and that may not be enough to carry you through to completion.

Rapid Reviews Rating

3.5 out of 5


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