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Jack N Jill DX – PS Vita

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Title:  Jack N’ Jill DX
Developer:  Rohan Narang.  The console versions were ported by Ratalaika Games.
Publisher:  Ratalaika Games
Genre:  Classic platformer, Adventure, Arcade, Casual
Platform:  PS Vita
Audience:  All
Release Date:  26/09/2018
Price:  £3.99 – I was very kindly provided with a review code for this game.

What the developers say


7 worlds made up of 20 levels each
7 in-game mini-games., where you can earn tickets for the in-game store
1 button gameplay
In-game store with in-game tickets that are used for unlocking hats and screen colours
Mirror mode
2 Playable characters


Jack N’ Jill DX is in every sense, classic, old-school 2-D platformer.  It looks like the kind of hame you could have played on the Nintendo Gameboy.  Read on for my Rapid Review of this delightful title.

Looks and Sounds

The game has pixel art, monochromatic style aesthetics.  The level and character design are quite charming.  The soundtrack brings back memories of games of old, with its chiptune format.

Gameplay and replayability

The aim of this game is simple, navigate your way across various levels, each with unique challenges.  If your playing as Jack, you must rescue Jill and vice versa.

You play the game with a single button, X.  Completing each level requires a mix of skill, timing and a bit of luck.  I found that it was equally important knowing when to press x, and when not to press X.

The first couple of worlds are fairly simple to complete, although I did get quite frustrated if I mistimed a jump and ended up dying.  Doing so meant that I had to start from the beginning of the level.  However, I was relieved to find a checkpoint in further levels.

The game keeps things exciting by adding various abilities, which you unlock as you progress through the game’s 140 levels.  These include speed boots, wings and invincibility potion.

There are mini-games that you can unlock which allow you to collect tokens.  These tokens can then be spent on new hats and screen colours.


Jack N’ Jill DX is a little gem of a game.  For £3.99 it packs in a lot of content.  It’s the type of game that will have you coming back for more and wanting to master each level.  Despite its simplicity, Jack N’ Jill DX is an endearing game which you will enjoy playing.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

A solid 4 out of 5

You can purchase Jack N’ Jill DX on the PS Store by visiting the following site,

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