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GODS – Remastered Review

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Fast Facts

Title: GODS Remastered
Developer: Robot Riot
Publisher: Robot Riot
Genre: Arcade, Action, Platformer
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 29/03/2019
Price: £8.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

Back around 1991/1992, I played a game called GODS. A platformer based on a Greek hero (Hercules) running through dungeons, killing monsters, solving puzzles and trying to win his way into Godhood.

Now, while GODS looked simple, it wasn’t, as the game required lots of strategic planning. How you approached a level could be critical, what weapons you use, how the switches work, and how you use the limited inventory space for collecting items throughout each level.

GODS was remastered in 2018 for Windows, and again in December 2019 for Xbox, Steam and Switch. Will this remaster match the revelation and celebrated success of the original?


I’m instantly transported back to my childhood, watching my father play the game as I see the nostalgic graphics and aesthetics. I always remembered the original being challenging to play, and that the enemy AI seemed to change patterns and grow progressively harder as you advanced. I was 6, so maybe I wasn’t the best gamer at that age, but any excuse to sit in front of the home PC.

The graphics have two options, remastered and original. The remastered version looks beautiful, an excellent update on the classic visuals. They’ve been polished and updated with a more modern look. Our hero has lost his ponytail and is sporting what looks like King Leonidas’ helmet.

He also seems taller! But maybe the lighting helps. With a flick of the right analogue stick, you can go old school or new age. It’s something I found myself switching on the boss fights, to see the differences.

The difficulty of the original still persists, however so does the clunkiness of the controls from 28 years ago. This actually made the game less fun than I remember. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve been spoiled for years with more adaptable and responsive controls. Constantly mistiming a jump, a crouch or even a ladder frustrates the gaming experience somewhat.

As I continued through the levels, the environmental puzzles are what shine through—making you think as you move, delivering a moment of joy as you open the right door with the correct lever, something that’s super frustrating at times.

Completing puzzles and levels gives you access to extra cash for the shop in between each area. But, like the original, you can’t hoard strong weapons for the bosses, because the game removes these from you before those encounters. Something as frustrating as it was many years ago.

Hit and a Miss

This remaster is pretty strange. The new visuals look modern, and an updated soundtrack gives a nod to the original, but it’s like plastering over an old wall with fresh wallpaper. 

The room hasn’t changed, but it just looks a little different.

The things that made this game so successful back when it was initially released are now things we expect in modern-day games. Randomised enemies, challenging puzzles and restrictive item bags aren’t something that makes a game AAA anymore.

Updated controls and maybe an actual remake rather than a remastered would’ve been better.

However, if you fancy picking up this classic because you missed it back in its heyday, then for £8.99 it’s not a bad price.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can buy GODS Remastered for the Nintendo Switch at the following link: eShop

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