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Godly Corp

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Game Details

Title: Godly Corp
Developer: TR8 Torus Studios
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Genre: Action, Simulation
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: 7+
Release Date: 05/04/2019
Price: £7.19 – Rapid Reviews UK was kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers say

Do you want to do something meaningful in your life? Do you desire more responsibility like responsibility for the fate of the multiverse hanging in the balance? You might want to consider a career with Godly Corp, an upcoming over-the-top simulator with a focus on woobly tentacle physics! Rest assured that every mistake will bring tremendous consequences, just as you wanted!

There also won’t be time for you to burn out in this job as EVERY day is a completely new challenge. On Monday you will be fighting bug infestation, Tuesdays are usually the days when someone tries to rob us, Wednesday might be the casual day! If these assignments sound too easy to you then we guarantee that the more experienced you are the more interesting challenges you will get!


Godly Corp is what I would consider being a ‘Random Game’. That is a game in which anything and anything can happen and which usually yields hilarious results. Games like Goat Simulator and Surgeon Simulator were the first things to spring into my mind when I saw the trailer for this game. I was pretty excited to give it a go.

For starters, you should put those expectations aside. Godly Corp is not up to standard with its competitors in many ways. This game relies on being ‘random’ too much with little actual humour, so it just ends up being confusing and dull. This, coupled with other flaws, made Godly Corp a disappointing experience for me overall.

Audio & Visual

Both in docked and handheld mode the game looks fine. There is nothing here that jumps out at you or catches your eye. Some of the designs, such as the bugs, are minimalistic to the point of looking unfinished. One major flaw is that it can be hard to see what you’re doing when it comes to the globe turning functions. This is due to angles that make it difficult to tell if you’ve lined certain objects up well or not.

There are some examples of a good soundtrack here. I enjoyed some of the more ‘funky’ songs like on the title screen. However the addition of the screeching music that plays as you fail mission 1 is not a welcome one, especially when the game has such an unnecessarily hard difficulty. (Don’t wear headphones! You’ve been warned!)

Gameplay & Replayability

I’m not going to lie; overall, the gameplay is pretty bad. Gone are the deliberately awkward but extremely fun-to-use hands of Surgeon Simulator and here is a clunky and slow tentacle instead. Everything about this game feels slow and awkward, and even the menus seize up constantly.

Due to trying to battle the awful controls on top of an already unrealistic difficulty, I found Godly Corp to be more of a chore than something that I enjoyed playing. I felt that many of my failures were down to an on-screen limb that wouldn’t do what I wanted it to, and that frustrated me.


I went in expecting Surgeon Simulator and left wanting a lobotomy. In all honesty, if I bought this game myself, then I would have considered it a total waste of money. Godly Corp is a title that had a lot more potential than it gave, and that is a shame.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

You can purchase Godly Corp from the Nintendo eShop at the following link,

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