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Flatland Vol.1 Review

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Fast Facts

Flatland Vol.1

Developer: QUByte Interactive
Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Genre: Platformer, Action, Arcade, Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC.
Age Rating: 3
Release Date: April 30th, 2020
Price: 4.49

A code was provided for review purposes.

Do you ever just sit down and think of a game you just played and go “what did I just play?” Well, that was me with Flatland Vol. 1 and that is because I didn’t enjoy the game, for a few good reasons which I’ll bring up during the review.

Let’s talk about the performance and I believe that the visuals of the game are simple but great looking. I am also a sucker for neon-like visuals as well so I might be biased here, but the visuals are very good and the game never had any frame drops.

Flatland Vol.1 Review
Jumping to the end

Although, there are glitches and bugs. Sometimes some objects would fail to load in and therefore make the game easier than it already was. Another glitch is there is an option to change the music your listening to, but when I clicked the button to change it the music stopped working altogether. So not only was I not able to listen to music altogether, but I also couldn’t find it online, so I really can’t judge the music.


As for gameplay, it is simple but also very weird. You play as a block and you go through many levels crossing a yellow mark to clear them. There are many levels, but I am going to be honest with you, I thought that most of the level design was just way too simple. Just many straight up and down left to right lines, it got more creative later on, but the level design needed more.

Flatland Vol.1 Review
Some spikes to dodge

The weight

Weight also felt weird to me. While I just held down the run button the whole game, because I felt like I needed to. Otherwise, the block was way too heavy, and I don’t go as far with my jumps. Plus the weight going down a wall was off as well, it was way too slow and jumping off it gave way more height then I feel like it should.

For the other modes, I will be honest, I just played the main game and barely touched the other modes. Why? Well, the time trails are way too tough. As for the last 2 other modes, they need to be unlocked by doing stuff in the main game, and after I cleared the main game I felt no real desire to come back to the game.

Flatland Vol.1 Review
Some nice blue

While I feel the game does it’s best with what it’s got, I feel like that the game also isn’t very polished and thought out. The first half of the level design felt really boring, the weight of the block felt weird, for some reason my music wasn’t working. I like the game in concept but, in execution, it was very bad. Not the worst platformer I have played, but defiantly one that needed some more work.

You can get your copy of Flatland Vol. 1 from the Nintendo eShop today.

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