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Brunch Club Review

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Fast Facts

Brunch Club

Developer: Foggy Box Games
Publisher: Yogscast Games
Genre: Family & Kids
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 11/08/2020
Price: £11.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Ready Steady Cook

Brunch Club
Who wants toast?

READY STEADY COOK OFF! Does anyone remember the incredibly famous YouTube channel YOGSCAST? Well, if you did not know they made a game called Brunch Club, and it is a remarkably interesting game they decided to make.


Brunch Club Xbox One

You will be thrown into a party kind of game where your mission is to cook or make food under a time limit; sounds easy, I mean, how hard could it be? WRONG! You have controls like I Am Bread and Octodad, where you must slide and try not to fall off the table or kitchen side. You will have to flip and twist your way to victory whilst keeping up with the timer.

It’s Sconing Time

Xbox Game Review
Pump up the jam!

When you open the game you will be greeted to a pixelated TV screen which is also the menu in-game, and delightful 2-bit music. You will have a choice between many modes; some you must have more than two players but first I’m going to talk about the campaign and what it holds. Like most games Brunch Club comes with the main campaign mode for those who like to play alone.

The first level you will be given the task to make toast. Now it sounds easy until you realize you must get the bread into the toaster and toast! Once you become toast you then must take control as the utensils and butter your toast. You must do this until you reach the requirement and I would recommend not playing on hard, but I’ll explain why further into the review.

Grill, Meet Meat

Brunch Club Xbox Review
The Grill Will Meat You Now.

Now I thought this game was going to be a funny game due to being made by YOGSCAST, but there was no comedy aspect. Instead, it has a serious rage aspect which I found out the hard way. The second level you must make bacon and eggs; though the bacon part is fairly easy, the egg part will have you pulling out your hair in frustration. And when you accidentally put on a hard difficulty and get level modifiers, you get sniped whilst trying to cook your bacon and eggs! I cannot lie it seriously, seriously had me raging like mad. So, if you like hard challenges then play on a harder difficulty and add modifiers.

Ice to Meet You

Brunch Club Xbox
They call me freeze

In the third campaign mission you must grill the patties and sausages to make burgers and hot dogs. This one was easy, but the timer is what does it for you on missions such as these. In mission four you must make a full breakfast which includes eggs, bacon, and toast. There are so many missions but those are just a few.

Don’t Play With Your Food

Brunch Club Review Xbox

Whilst playing Brunch Club I felt like the entire time I was a chef or someone taking an order. Even whilst I was writing the notes it felt more like a recipe book, like I was running a restaurant. There is so much more in this game.

I Said Don’t Play With Your Food!

Xbox Brunch Club
Sumo Power!

Another mode is Face-Off which is like a versus mode against your friends as you take on each other to finish the order or mission first. Then you have 5 Second Rule where you have five seconds to get the food or item through the six rings or checkpoints before time runs out. You can do this alone or with a group of friends, but I would not recommend playing this on your own. The last mode is Arcade which is for two players or more, where you will have a wide range of competitive minigames to beat your friends.

There is a total of 1000 gamerscore to unlock for you achievement hunters. I found this game more interesting than some of the usual games I have played, but it’s a better game to play with friends than on your own that’s for sure.

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