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First impressions – FIFA 19

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I didn’t play much of FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch.  However, I have put 100s of hours playing every single FIFA title for as long as I can remember.  I’ve seen some negative comments on social media about FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch, but I purposely didn’t read any of them for fear of my mind being made up before I even kicked off.

A criticism of FIFA titles on the Switch in the past is that they have been watered down versions of the games released on other consoles.  At a retail price of £54.99, I would hope that this year’s iteration of FIFA would be the full-fat version.

So far, games released on the Switch have done an excellent job of matching up to their console brothers.

Read on for my first impressions of FIFA 19.

Is it in the game?

I’ve always been useless at this game!

After playing a couple of games, I’m pretty satisfied with FIFA 19 on the Nintendo Switch.  In terms of visuals, you can see some differences between the Switch version and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, but that’s to be expected. 

Gameplay is solid and holds up well on the Switch; I didn’t experience any differences compared to the PS4 and Xbox versions.

If anything, the player dividing timed shooting, seemed to be a little easier on the Switch.  Helpfully, the Pro Controller gives a little rumble when you hit the sweet spot.

UEFA Champions League

You can’t beat evening Champions League matches at Anfield.

Arguably the most significant addition to this year’s iteration of FIFA is the UEFA Champions League mode.  As you would expect from a big studio like EA, the presentation of this mode is fantastic, the music, the commentary is provided by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.  The visuals are second to none.  You do get that buzz when the Champions League music hits and the payers walk out onto the pitch.  The atmosphere during the games is faithfully recreated also.  Less mentioned is the inclusion of the Europa League.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team makes a welcome return.  Most of the features are present, except for Squad Battles and Division Rivals.  This could be a red card worthy offence for some FIFA fans.

Final whistle

I’ve only played for a couple of hours, but I must say I’m pretty impressed with that I’ve seen and played so far.  The presentation, as always, is second to none, and the gameplay is solid.  There are many aspects that I haven’t tried yet, so I’m going to play over the weekend before giving my Rapid Review Rating.

You can download FIFA 19 now, from the Nintendo eStore.


  • Stephen Kelly

    Hi just wondering is it worth getting for the switc?. I usually get fifa for ps4 but playing it portable seems a plus. I really only play career mode.

    • mikerapidreviews

      Hi mate. Thanks for taking the time to ask a question. If portability is the main thing you’re after, then yes. However, at £54.99, it is quite expensive and the Career and Ultimate Team modes are pretty much identical to last years game.

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