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EPOS H6PRO Open Review 

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Fast Facts


Manufacturer: EPOS
Price: £149.99
Weight: 309 Grams
Connector: 3.5MM

A unit was provided for review purposes

First Impressions

When the H6PRO arrived at my house, I thought I had received a package recruiting me to join the Dark Side of the force. The photographed headphone on the front of the package resembled a stylish stormtrooper helmet. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with two 3.5mm cables, some paperwork, and two circular magnets.

The H6PRO sits on top of its box
What’s In The Box?

Setting up the device was painless and I quickly plugged in the 3.5mm cable to my PC. There are two cables included; a shorter connection for single headphone jack devices, and another slightly longer cable which had split headphone and microphone connections for use in a PC. Connecting the headset is the very definition of ‘plug and play’. With no extra drivers or software required, my computer instantly recognised the headphones upon plug-in and I was ready to begin!


In addition to looking stylish, the H6PRO is a very comfortable headset to wear! With padded ear cushions and a pleather headband, I did not encounter any discomfort when gaming for an extended time. The headset’s comfort really came into its own when I connected it to my Oculus Rift S – the lightweight nature of the headset meant that I could play long sessions in VR without discomfort on my ears or head. Plus, the firm grip of the ear pads meant that the headset remained firmly on my head despite moving in various directions. A microphone is also included which is good quality with no noticeable hissing or popping. The mic can be detached and replaced with one of the aforementioned magnets to give the headset a more compact form factor – perfect for taking the headset out and about!

The white H6PRO is basked in a blue light hue
Stormtrooper Style

Sounds Good?

But what’s a comfortable headset without good sound? Fortunately, the hardware delivers on both fronts with high-quality audio out of the box. The H6PRO was my first introduction to an ‘open acoustic’ style of headset. Essentially, the grills on the side of the headphone naturally let outside audio pass through the device and into my ears. It’s a similar effect to enabling the ambient mode in noise-cancelling headphones. EPOS says that this open acoustic feature is great for streamers who can hear their own voice when speaking. I found this to be the case when talking to somebody in-person whilst playing a game. I could easily hear their voice whilst keeping the game at a relatively high volume which made communication when multitasking much easier. The manufacturer also claims that an open style of headphones allows for a more “expansive” soundscape which I definitely noticed in games such as God of War Ragnorak. The quality of the H6PRO’s sound made me stop in my tracks to pause and listen to the sound of birds chirping in the distance. 

Open To Limitations

On the other hand, an ‘open’ headset offers some limitations too. First of all, the many advantages of noise-cancelling headphones are, of course, missing. For example, the whir of my computer fans and frenzied taps on my mechanical keyboard came through to my ears loud and clear when playing games such as Fortnite. It would be unfair to criticise an open acoustic headset for being – well… open acoustic, but it’s worth being aware of the pros and cons that such a headset design brings. For example, although the H6PRO is good for gaming in a quiet office,  this headset won’t be the best choice for players using the headset in a loud environment such as a busy living room.


The headset also features ‘BrainAdapt’ technology which isn’t a mind control feature, despite my initial fears. Essentially, the sound profile of the headset has been designed with the brain in mind. EPOS claims that this technology will allow for more focused gaming sessions. It’s an interesting feature worth mentioning although I’m unsure of the practical benefits of this tech. That being said, I did win a few Battle Royales whilst using the headset so maybe there are advantages to be found!

TEXT: EPOS BrainAdapt
A Futuristic Feature?

Final Thoughts

The H6PRO offers the perfect blend of style, comfort and sound. Ultimately, the open acoustic nature of the headset means that it will not be the perfect fit for all environments, but if you’ve got a quiet area to game in, the H6PRO Open is a fantastic choice!

Rapid Reviews Rating

gold score

4.5 out of 5


You can buy the H6PRO Open for £149.99 from the EPOS Store

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