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EKSA E900 Gaming Headset Review

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EKSA’s Description

  • Excellent Stereo Sound
  • Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Durable metal frame build quality
  • Universal compatibility

The EKSA E900 headset boasts these features within its description, and to break it down a little further for those who aren’t as tech-orientated like myself: good sound, a useful microphone, a sturdy build and the ability to use it with a variety of devices. So, is EKSA true to its word? Here are my thoughts after using the headset for a good few weeks.

Sound and Microphone

As soon as I plugged the headset into my Xbox controller, I was pleasantly surprised how much clearer it was compared to my current headset. I was able to hear my party with clarity while I was playing games, and the volume at its highest was more than enough. However, if you find it too loud, there’s a handy volume slider to adjust to your needs. I did find that sometimes my game was louder than the party as the slider doesn’t differentiate, but this is more me needing to play around with in-game/in-party settings rather than an issue with the headset itself.

I found I was able to hear a lot more that I hadn’t noticed before, particularly on my Nintendo Switch where I didn’t have the party chat in the background. I never usually wear a headset with my Switch, but using the E900 has changed my mind. Playing Animal Crossing, I was able to hear little details such as the clothes on the clothesline flapping in the wind, making for a much more immersive experience. I’m keen to go back to games I haven’t played in a while and use the headset to see what sounds I’ve missed!

I found that the microphone picked up less of my movements and background sounds, though not completely. Being able to mute it in one click is very handy, particularly for those who are using it for calls in lockdown if any of your family barge in! I loved being able to remove the microphone too, so the headset could double up as headphones to listen to music. The microphone is also flexible, and while sturdy, is easy to move into the position you want.

Appearance and Comfort

The headset is light, but you can tell that it’s not flimsy as the metal build is very solid; you’d have a hard time trying to break them. However you can also adjust the headband to your size, which is useful for me as I have a tiny head and struggle to find headphones that fit right! I usually get a headache after using headsets, from the plastic headband digging in, but the E900’s padded headband and earmuffs were very comfy. This is useful for long gaming sessions, commutes or conference calls.

While the E900s look simple in design, they’re sleek and professional. I like the splash of red which is metallic and shiny too. They’re not flashy or light up in different colours if that’s more your thing, but they’re subtle if you need to use them in professional settings or on public transport for example. The box also includes a matching fake leather pouch with a red drawstring, for a little extra protection if you’re taking them out.


The E900s can be used with various devices with a 3.5mm slot, including phones, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox or PlayStation. However, there is also a Y split audio connector so you can use it on a PC too. EKSA have also reminded you that the old Xbox One controllers require an adapter which is not included, which is a good reminder for people that the headset will not work without one.

I had no problems using the headset on my phone, Switch or my Xbox, though I can’t vouch for what it’s like on PC. They were recognised by my phone instantly, having surprisingly good bass and sound for listening to music that I wasn’t expecting. Being wired, you could switch between different devices with ease too.

Final Thoughts

EKSA’s E900s are great quality at an affordable price, so they’re ideal if you don’t want to break the bank or are buying your first headset! The sound has a good clarity, and though it obviously won’t be as good as higher priced headsets or headphones designed for music, it is more than enough for casual use. The microphone has handy features, the design is sleek and sturdy and it’s comfortable for hours of gaming time.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase the EKSA E900 gaming headset at the following link: Amazon

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