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Devious Dungeon 2

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Game Details

Title: Devious Dungeons 2 
Developer:  Woblywear
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Role-playing
Platform: Playstation 4
Audience: 7
Release Date: 15/05/2019
Price: £6.49 – Rapid Reviews UK were very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What The Developer says

It is said that great adventures await behind the walls of this dark castle, Devious Dungeon 2 is a medieval focused action platformer title.

The castles ever-shifting halls are filled with deadly monsters! Treacherous traps have claimed the lives of many adventurers! It is rumoured the castle contains treasures beyond imagination.

However, it is also the domain of The Summoner and he does not look kindly upon uninvited guests!

Slay monsters, collect loot, level up and upgrade your gear, you can play with three different playable heroes, each one with their own special ability.


Devious Dungeon 2 is a simple game to understand and play, this a bad thing? NO! The simple approach is the best part, at least for me. It’s a nice change from having loads of buttons to press.

The story is not the draw for players as well; it is very light on the story. I kept coming back time after time to beat that last level that I died on. For myself, this is a great change of pace.

Audio & Visual

Devious Dungeons 2 mage

While I was playing Devious Dungeons 2, the one aspect that grated on my nerves was the music or lack of variation. Listening to the same track for each level gets very repetitive and annoying. I ended up turning the volume off due to this.

The sound effects are far better than the soundtrack. Shooting magic bolts sounds magical, and swinging the weapons sounds like the character is slicing through the air. The enemies also sound good, the one human with the gun sounds booming and deadly when it shoots, along with the metallic clang as a hammer hits a wall or the squishy sound of the enemies exploding with a spray of blood.

Devious Dungeons 2 adopts a chibi pixel art style, and I hope you are not fed up of this art style as everything is a mix of pixels and 8-bit backgrounds. I, for one, love the simple form. It is not offensive like voxel, and it is clear enough to identify everything on the screen. One excellent addition is all weapons and amour have their own unique sprites, changing the look of the character.

Gameplay & Replayability

Unlike the first instalment of Devious Dungeons, there are RPG style classes. Each has its base stats and special abilities;

Barbarian – Most base health, least damage and takes 20% less damage.
Mage – Base stats are neither good or bad and can float.
Rogue – Most base damage, lowest base health and double jump.

Each class have their weapon types. While attacking the movement speed is slowed down to half, making it so cannot spam attacks without being at a disadvantage.

Devious Dungeons 2 town

Devious Dungeons 2 is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game with RPG elements. While killing enemies they give out EXP once the EXP bar is full the character will level up. Once levelled up the player can put one point each level in either Health, damage or crit chance.

The game is set up into six stages, and each split into sections with 5 levels each and a boss at the end of each stage. Even if this sounds like a lot, the levels can be very short. I finished one level in less than one minute, and another was closer to five minutes.

Every level of Devious Dungeons 2 is randomly generated each run of any given stage. Hence the differences in time completed. This was a great addition as it was more skill based than remembering where enemies are.

Along with EXP enemies drop monies. Between each stage and at the home hub, cash is used to buy items weapons, armour, trinkets and potions. Each one item will improve attack defence. To be able to buy the locked items in the store, the previous item needs to be purchased.

While playing, there are some simple missions such as kill X amount of red worms or destroy X amount of barrels. These will net the player a decent amount of cash. While trying to complete the level, the character may find a secret room that contains typically gems and coins that give money, but it may have artefacts in them. These provide a lot of cash.

Along with these secrets and missions, there is also a chance to encounter a mini-boss. These are super powered up regular enemies with a slight colour difference. Try to kill these for a massive EXP and cash boost.

With ever-changing dungeons and the short levels and loads of items to purchase Devious Dungeons 2 has loads of replayability. Warning – Watch out for traps!


Devious Dungeons 2 is so simple to pick up and play most players will feel right at home as soon as they start the game with loads to offer in the way of gameplay and items to collect. If you enjoy platforming action games, this is a must buy.

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