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Deliver Us The Moon Review

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Fast Facts

Deliver Us The Moon

Developer: KeokeN Interactive
Publisher: Wired Productions
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 23/04/2020
Price: £19.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Deliver Us The Moon first released on Early Access back in September of 2018 on PC; fast forward nearly two years later now under the Wired IP umbrella, we get to experience this on consoles. It has been on my radar for over a month and knowing that I will be a father again. I thought it would engage my brain just to sit back and enjoy a playthrough. Boy, I wasn’t wrong. Deliver Us The Moon is about survival and hope.

Surviving the earth terrain and dangers of the Moon and hope to provide Earth with the much needed resources to bring it back from the brink of Extinction. You are one man with a soothing, caring voice in your ear guiding you on where to go and what is at stake. I’ve played similar games before such as The Spectrum Retreat and Layers of Fear, but nothing has gripped me like this.

You can indeed go to most places and progress in the game at the bare minimum, but you would miss so much of what makes Deliver Us The Moon special. I took my time, read every single note around and in the surroundings to get a deeper understanding of the plight and what got Earth into the disaster it faces.

There are a few puzzles along the way that are not too difficult to put a casual gamer off from completing; sometimes games can just add them to provide longevity without a purpose. Take the moment you need to get to power the elevator, there are increasing dangers to get cells to power a generator, as life dims down and oxygen depletes to rush to get down to the surface of the Moon.

If I were to pinpoint one issue I had with the game, it would be the loading times between areas and when you die. I would recommend playing with a headset for a fully immersive experience as the developers have done a fantastic job in capturing the atmosphere.

One small step for mankind…

Speaking of the Moon, what a graphical wonder it is. I had goosebumps the moment I landed down and rode around the surface. I didn’t want to leave in all honesty. The level of detail in the whole game is something to wonder at, and I could just spend hours looking at the environments.

Overall Deliver Us The Moon provides the tension, thrill, suspense and level of detail to rival most games on the market. I urge you to purchase the game, and you won’t forget the experience any time soon.

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You can purchase Deliver Us The Moon from the Microsoft store using the link below:

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