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Crash Drive 2 Rapid Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Crash Drive 2
Developer: M2H
Publisher: M2H
Genre: Arcade, Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 07/02/2020
Price: £7.19 – Rapid Reviews UK was provided with a review code for this title.

Initially released on mobile in 2013, Crash Drive 2 is back and reinvented on the Nintendo Switch.

Race, trick and blow up the competition in crash drive 2. Pick from over 35 vehicles, participate in online events to earn cash and explore one of four maps.


Once you begin playing Crash Drive 2, you’ll be taken to your garage to purchase your very first vehicle, a run down monster truck. However, you can level-up your vehicles by earning cash from events or picking up cash scattered around each of the four maps. Doing this allows you to purchase new vehicles ranging from cool rally cars, firing tanks, busy buses and supercars to name a few.

Map progression/Leveling-up 

You will level-up each car you pick by simply driving it around. There are progression and levelling up bars at the top of the screen. Each time your vehicle levels-up, you will increase its statistics. Upon levelling up a few starter vehicles, you will be able to unlock and purchase new cars in your garage.

Also, each map has its own progression bar that can be filled by completing events – finding all the green rings which will unlock new areas. Repeating this process leads to unlocking all remaining areas and levelling up each vehicle will allow you to unlock the rest.

I enjoyed unlocking new cars and exploring all of the maps, levelling them up with others online. My only criticism is that I wish there had of been a little more customisation options for the cars. For example, I would have liked the ability to change the car colour schemes.

Stunts/Huge Maps

The four open-world maps you can explore freely are; Canyons, tropical, Forest and snow.

Each of the four maps has multiple jumps, loop the loops, mountains, other obstacles and trick point to use. Everything can be driven up effortlessly in any vehicle which is hilarious to witness! Seeing a bus speeding up a vertical mountain had me chuckling a few times.

There are also lots of obstacles you can jump and drive off, allowing you to perform tricks like 360 spins and flips, which are pretty fun and will net you points. Each map has lots of different points of interests, like the sunken cruise ship, burnt out forests, and the castle skate park scattered across each themed world. There are also green rings, crates, and secrets to find, as well.

Online play/Events

When you begin in one of the four worlds, you’ll enter an online play session with other random players from the Switch version as well as the PC and mobile versions, all thanks to crossplay. You’ll notice other players driving around; however, when an event counter begins to countdown, you’ll know an event is about to begin.

All players are entered into the event by default. However, some will give you the option of not entering them by honking your horn.

These events are randomised. Here are a few examples; Stunt contests, Coin collector, King of the Hill and tag the objects.

After the event comes to an end, the winner will be rewarded with a cash prize, and it’s here where you can buy more new vehicles once you accumulate enough cash to do so. Also, you may notice special races set up around each map. Completing these will allow you to unlock special vehicles.

Tank battles

If you don’t like doing tricks in cars, how about going toe to toe in the online tank battle mode. Here you can buy one of 5 tanks, each with there own statistics. You can also change your tanks colour scheme and camo design.

Instead of focusing on tricks, which you can still do, you’re thrown into a deathmatch scenario. In this mode, you need blow other tanks off multiple floating platforms with your cannon or by crashing into them. It’s a real nice change of pace, and I found it a lot of fun. You can still earn cash by winning that will allow you to buy new tanks and cars.

Car trouble

My only issues here is there aren’t any extra modes or local multiplayer available in the Switch version which seems like a glaring omission to me. If these were included, this would have turned this version into the definitive edition to play. Sadly, they are absent.

Also, the menus feel a little clunky. I did encounter a bug where I couldn’t select any options on the main menu and had to exit out of the game to fix it, thankfully though it didn’t happen all the time.

Final words 

I like crash drive 2, its fun game with lots of cars and tanks to unlock. I love the online integration and having crossplay is a bonus. I also really like the tank battle mode as its a lot of fun playing with people online. The game supports achievements too. Yes, it’s a mobile game, but it feels a lot better with physical controls. Thankfully, there are no microtransactions insight. It’s a shame there’s no local multiplayer. However, this is still a fun game online, and there are lots to unlock and see!

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase Crash Drive 2 from the Nintendo eShop on the following link,

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