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    Reading Time: 5 minutes Prepare to take in beautiful sites and ride across rolling terrain in this Pro Cycling Manager 2023 review, the official game of the 2023 Tour De France for PC.

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    Reading Time: 5 minutes Fast Facts Daija Arcade Stick Developer: NaconWebsite: https://www.nacongaming.com/en-GB/arcade-stick-playstationGenre(s): HardwarePlatform: PlayStation 5 (also configurable for PS4, and available for the Xbox)Release Date: Price: £250 A unit was provided for review purposes Introduction Arcade Sticks (Fight Sticks as…

  • Nacon MG-X Mobile Controller

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Key Specs Ergonomic Design : Ergonomically designed for all users with a textured surface for optimal comfort Bluetooth: 5.0 Wireless connectivity Battery Life: 20 Hours, with built in battery & USB C Charge Port Joystick Layout:…

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