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Zepp E Rapid Review

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We’ve reviewed several smartwatches at Rapid Reviews, and the latest is from a brand that I hadn’t heard of before, Zepp. So when I was offered the chance to review this watch, I didn’t know what to expect. After using the watch for a few weeks, I’m impressed. Find out why in my Rapid Review.


The Zepp E Square is a lovely looking watch. It looks very similar to another product with a fruity name. This isn’t a bad thing, though. The Zepp E looks and feels like a top-quality product.

The watch itself is light and thin, and the curved, almost bezel-less screen, is great.

Speedy Setup

The Zepp E was simple to set up and connect to your phone. After downloading the Zepp app, you need to pair it using Bluetooth. Once paired, you can check for a firmware update, and create a Zepp account.

Super Screen

The Zepp E Square’s 348×442 resolution AMOLED screen is a standout feature of the watch. It truly is excellent. The colourful watch faces show off this screen quality, with colours looking bright and vibrant, and text sharp, even in direct sunlight, I was able to read the screen at all times.

The Zepp E also has an optional always-on-display, which has a negative impact on battery life, but it is nice to show off the excellent screen.

The Zepp has some Zip!

Scrolling and swiping through the watch is a pleasing experience. The watch allows you to control the music that is playing on your phone, and you can also see app notifications and reminders.

Battery Life

I was very impressed with the battery life of the Zepp E. After a full charge, and moderate use, I was able to get about a week out of it. An excellent feature of the Zepp app was that it tells you how many days ago you charged the watch.

Zepp E Square Review

As you can see in the image, I charged my Zepp E 4 days ago, and it still has 61% battery.

If you do find yourself running out of battery power, you can put the Zepp E watch into energy-saving mode. This mode switches off all features, other than the time, and a step counter.

Zepp E Square Review
Charging doesn’t take too long at all.

Included with the Zepp E is a magnetic wireless charger that makes a satisfying click when attached. It takes around 90 minutes to charge the watch fully.

Super Sensors

The Zepp E has two primary sensors, a blood oxygen saturation sensor, and all-day heart rate monitoring sensor. Using these, the watch can track your stress levels, activity levels, and sleep quality. Some of this data is then combined to give you a PAI score. The PAI score is based on heart rate data and your personal profile, including age, sex, and fitness level. The watch knows when you’re exercise is intense, and will reward you with a higher PAI score.

Sports Modes

The Zepp E has an impressive number of sports modes. The one that I used most frequently was the outdoor cycle mode. Although the watch doesn’t have GPS on board, you use your phone, and I was impressed with the accuracy of the route tracking after a recent bike ride.

Zepp E Square Review
Making a GPS connection with my phone.

You can see from the image below, the information that you get from the watch after exercising is very impressive indeed.

Zepp E Square Review
You can see when I went downhill for sure!

The only issue that I experienced with the watch was that even when I was up and about, the watch would remind me to get up and walk. I’m confident that this issue will be addressed with a future firmware update.

Cool Clock Faces

Using the Zepp App, you can customise your watch with an ever-increasing number of watch faces. Using the app, you can favourite watch faces, and then sync them to your watch.

It’s a seamless experience, and the watch faces are being updated regularly. Some of the watch designs really show off the quality of the screen.

Zepp App

The Zepp app is excellent and allows you to see your exercise records, and customise the watch.

During my time with the Zepp E, the app has been updated on numerous occasions. I’ve been very impressed with the continuous updates, and it has added some great features like all-day stress level monitoring. It’s pleasing to know that the watch continues to be updated, and bodes well for the longevity of the Zepp E.


The Zepp E is perhaps one of the best fitness watches that you’ve never heard of. With a fantastic screen, high-end features, and long battery life, you do get a lot for your money. I highly recommend the Zepp E.

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