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Working Zombies Rapid Review

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Fast Facts

Working Zombies

Developer: Jupiter Corporation
Publisher: Jupiter
Genre: Action, Puzzle, Strategy, Multiplayer
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 18/06/2020
Price: £17.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Zombie Workforce

Humans have a hatred for all zombies. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe we can turn Zombies from undead monsters into normal working individuals who can contribute to modern society? Enter Working Zombies on the Nintendo Switch!

Working Zombies Nintendo Switch

Zombies have been giving a second chance. A chance to live with humans, working in a variety of different jobs around town to gain their trust and maybe even make some friends.

Jobs for The Undead

The jobs on offer in Working Zombies see you partaking in a spot of hair-dressing, fixing pipes as a plumber, babysitting in a day-care centre and working as a steward on board an aeroplane. Each job has you multi-tasking in a variety of different ways either solo or with 4 friends locally. Jobs have multiple tiers to clear, and this can be accomplished by completing a certain number of levels in other jobs and subsequently earning stars.

Working Zombies Nintendo Switch

As you progress through each new tier, levels will become progressively more complex by adding in new tasks and items. This can become quite challenging in later levels, but it keeps the experience feeling fresh and varied throughout.


You can play any of the jobs in Single Player or with up to 4 other players/zombies locally, which can be a lot of fun. It helps with the demanding requests from your customers and the mounting tasks you’ll need to complete for each level.

Apart from the ability to walk and interact with both customers and items, you can also use a boost ability to move a little quicker around the level. This can help you achieve a 3-star rating for swift and decisive actions during levels.


Before any job that introduces a new mechanic, a tutorial screen will be displayed to make you are aware of the new actions that are available and how you can interact with them before you start a level which is helpful. Some of these actions are: taking orders from passages on-board a plane, serving drinks that you need to wait, refill before serving.

Working Zombies Nintendo Switch

Or, you may need to keep a bunch of toddlers entertained by handing out toys or changing nappies, rocking them gently to sleep. Each job provides something different. Having more players join in on the fun can help reach the scores required to earn the maximum 3 stars. It is possible to do it solo, but it’s a lot more challenging.

Job offers!

Let’s take brief look at each of the 4 jobs available.

Steward – Plane

The steward job sees you looking after passages on-board an aeroplane, taking orders, preparing drinks, entertainment and meals. Multi-tasking is the order of the day here and navigating around the plane, completing orders efficiently will earn you 3 stars. Please don’t keep them passages waiting though!

Babysitting – Day Care

This job sees you looking after toddlers in a Day Care centre. Each baby needs to be changed, and dirty nappies need to be disposed of. Also, babies can be entertained with toys when the moment calls for it. You’ll need to pick up any crying babies and rock them gently to soothe them if they’re upset.

Hairdressing – Salon

Talk to customers, wash their hair, dry, cut, and add products. As customers pile in, you’ll need to take them to the correct styling section, sit them down in the chair and make sure you’re using the right equipment to get the job done. To keep customers happy, tend to their every need, keep an eye on the hearts that are displayed on their chests. When their heart starts to deplete, make sure you chat to them and keep them content otherwise you’ll have an angry customer on your hands.


The plumber job feels entirely different to all of the other jobs as instead of tending to requests you’re fixing pipes and water mains against a strict time limit. If it isn’t completed within the time limit, you won’t receive a reward. This is the least fun job to play as it feels more like a puzzle game which doesn’t quite fit within the package.


One of the things that makes Working Zombies so much fun is the local 4 player multiplayer which can help greatly to quell the mounting tasks that start stacking up. When more customers appear, and requests become too much, having an extra pair of hands can help a lot. That being said, the more helpers you have, the more chaotic the level will become.

Graphics and Sound

The visuals in Working Zombies are pretty lovely, with black outlines around each character, bright, colourful graphics, and excellent animations which are rather cute.

Working Zombies Nintendo Switch

It is more of a kid-friendly game than most zombie games. The overall presentation looks good, and the soundtrack has a lot of quirky, catchy tunes to listen to.


My only issue here is that there should have been more job variety and that the plumber job was swapped out with something more engaging like being a cook or mechanic. There isn’t a lot here so repetition may set in for some.


I like Working Zombies: it’s fun in multiplayer but just as fun if not more challenging in solo. Out of the 4 jobs, there’s only one I am not all that fond of which is the plumber job as it feels out of place compared to the others.

Working Zombies Nintendo Switch

With each job having 45 stars to earn, you’re looking at 60 levels in total, which should take a fair while to work through. I wish there were more jobs to do, which I feel was a missed opportunity.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase Working Zombies from the Nintendo eShop.

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