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West of Dead Review

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Fast Facts

West of Dead

Developer: Upstream Arcade
Publisher: Raw Fury
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 18/06/2020
Price: £16.74

A code was provided for review purposes.

Lets Get Hunting!

Ready your shotguns and load your pistols as you face off against evil in the dark and twisted purgatory, looking for a way out of the nightmare dressed as the Ghost Rider and voiced by Ron Perlman; let’s go kick some demon butt!

In West of Dead, you play has a dead man named William Mason, thrown into a world of chaos and sin, damnation, and darkness in Wyoming, 1888. Your mission is to fight your way through hordes of demons, witches, and wendigos.

West of Dead Xbox One
I’m The Rider, Ghost Rider.

I’m The Rider

West of Dead is a fast-paced, twin-stick shooter where using cover is your only survival. You will come across a maze kind of map set up where you will choose between three or four doors, and behind each door, you will find a room full of nightmares ready to eradicate you.

The problem is that you cannot kill what cannot be seen in the light, as darkness fears nothing more than light, so you must dodge and run to light the lamps which will stun the enemy for a few seconds for you to get your shot or get to safety. It is entirely your choice.

West of Dead Xbox One
I Like Your Ummmm… Hat.

Saving People…

You will need to be very careful through your gameplay of West of Dead as you only live once, so once you are killed, you will need to start from the very beginning. So do not rush in guns blazing or be ready to meet the fiery depths of hell or the saloon.

Each death will return you to the saloon, and you will start your new run: any upgrades you have collected will stay, but you will lose your weapons and abilities so tread lightly.

West of Dead Xbox One
This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us.

Hunting Things…

You must find the exit portal to send you to the only witch that would make you feel safe. She will then offer you upgrades in return of your sins, any sins you collect from killing demons and monsters through your playthrough, which will make your runs last longer.

Any upgrades will cause your character to be stronger and faster. You will also cross your paths find a collectable type of relic called a Remnant which are lost memories and ideas. These can be given to the witch to unlock its potential.

West of Dead Xbox One
Let There Be Light!

The Family Business

Now, it would not be a shock to walk into a room to find a great big, beautiful chest smothered in skulls and candles and every urge of your body and soul screaming “DO NOT TOUCH THAT’S BAD!”.

So, what are we going to do? OPEN THE CHEST, and we will find treasures of true glory making our lives easier in the game, helping us progress from weapons to upgrades, even money, so find those chests and open them wide to find what you need the most.

Through your demon hunting journeys, you will come across a man next to an old wagon, wearing a top hat; congratulations, you have just met the Haggler. He will give you a choice of three weapons or an upgrade like a throwing axe, choose wisely.

West of Dead Xbox One
Could Really Use Some Back Up.

Love The Smell Of Burning Demons In The Morning

You only get one choice if you only have a small amount of gold or silver which you will get through chests and boxes, that hang from the ceiling by chains and kills. Once you acquire your item, he will say no refunds, and that is a deal over and done with.

Each enemy has a different personality, such as how they will try to kill you. You will meet demon gunslingers who aim and fire, then you have demons who tend to run at you and attack on sight.

You will come across a type of demon dog mixed with a wretch from Gears of War, and then you will come across a bizarre kind of enemy that feels more like a boss, although it is not.

West of Dead Xbox One
I Hope They Don’t See Me.

Death Comes For Us All

There is so much in the words of death to take you out: they hide in the darkness ready to pounce like a hungry cougar stalking its prey, so shoot to kill, and if they get too close you can melee them also. Nothing in this game is friendly in the dark, so be very afraid.

Now, after exiting every portal, you will come into a location where you will meet the witch and through the other door a very nice guy who will let you heal and refill your health potion. This happens every time you complete a level.

West of Dead Xbox One
NOPE… They See Me.

And Now My Friends

HEY! Achievement hunters, who are always down to show off your Gamer Score on your account, then look no further because this game comes jam-packed with tons of achievements to unlock so get hunting.

West of Dead Xbox One
Take This Shot Back To Hell!

All in all, I found this game one of a kind, it was nice to hear Ron Perlman’s voice throughout the entire game, literally Hellboy himself. But I enjoyed playing and hunting as I am a huge fan of anything supernatural, so this game was something I enjoyed.

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