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Soundmagic P23 BT Headphones Review

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Soundmagic’s latest headphone offering, the P23 BT promises a combination of high-quality sound with a battery life of more than fifty hours. When put to the test, does the P23 BT live up to its impressive spec sheet? Find out in this Rapid Review.  

On the Go Sound

Immediately out of the box, I was impressed with the remarkable lightness of the P23. The P23 uses a combination of metal and plastic in order to create a lightness, whilst remaining sturdy. With a swivel feature of the headphone cups themselves, I could tuck the headphone cups next to each other into a portable semi-circular position, perfect for quickly placing them into my bag before work. The mechanisms of the headphone had some slight flex but I never felt as if my twists and rotations would cause any of the hardware to snap in my hand.

A side image of the P23 BT. A heasphone cub with a NFC tag and the soundmagic logo.
Lightweight yet durable design.

With a gel-like padding to the top of the band, and artificial leather cushions on both ears, the P23 always felt secure on my head and I never encountered any discomfort, even after prolonged multi-hour use. I have smaller ears than average and the more compact ear cups were the perfect size for my head and ear shape however if you are used to larger studio-style headphones then you may be surprised by the compactness of the P23

Sound Quality 

In terms of sound quality, the P23 delivered on my expectations. Though there is no active noise cancellation, the closed cushion approach to design meant that there was some natural reduction in the sound around me. With a loud natural volume, I could always hear my podcasts and music despite the sound of the bus engine or the screeches of the train track. In terms of the quality of the sound, I was neither disappointed nor astonished by the quality.

Soundcore P23 in a semi circle folded position
On-the-go formation!

The compactness of the headphones means that there just isn’t room for large drivers of the highest standard but the sound that comes out of the P23 was more than adequate for my listening needs. For £50, the sound quality is certainly good with some nice levels of bass and a consistent clarity to the sound, but the main focus here seems to be on the convenient portability and seriously impressive battery. In terms of pairing, my phone immediately detected the Bluetooth connection and subsequent connections were instantaneous. I simply had to turn the headphones on and by the time I had checked the Bluetooth connections on my phone, the P23 had already been detected. 

Impressive Battery 

The most impressive element of the P23 is the battery life. The P23 has the longest battery I have used across any tech product. The website listing boasts a fifty hour plus listening time and, so far, I have to agree! I’ve used the headphones on a return trip to London, dozens of bus journeys and evening listening and my phone still reports 80% battery life. If you’re travelling a lot and find the charging of headphones every few days inconvenient then the P23 offers the perfect alternative.

Comfortable cushions (for smaller ears).

At the end of the working day, I can leave my headphones at the bottom of my bag and be comfortable in trusting I’ll have plenty of listening time for the next day (or week!). With the included USB-C cable, when the time does come round for headphone charging, the non-proprietary charging method means that charging will be quick and convenient. Speaking of cables, the included 3.5mm audio cable also comes with an extended microphone attached. Light and easy to position, the microphone provided a more than adequate crisp sound that is perfect for casual communication. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the P23’s impressive battery life and portability make these headphones the perfect audio option for commuters. Whilst there may be better products in terms of sound quality, the lightness of the P23 in my bag and the ease of not needing to charge the device frequently makes the P23 the perfect audio choice for headphone users on the go. 

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


You can purchase the SoundMAGIC P23 BT Headphones for £49.99 from the SoundMAGIC Store

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