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RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset

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Once again, I would like to say a massive thank you to Julian Brignol and the team at Plantronics UK.  Following on from my review of the RIG 500 PRO HX gaming headset, I have been given the opportunity to review the RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset.  The following is my Rapid Review of this outstanding headset.

Plantronics RIG 800LX Features

  • Dolby Atmos 3D Surround Sound
  • Up to 24 Hour battery life
  • 10M Range Lag-Free Audio
  • Noise Cancelling Flip to Mute Microphone

Superb Sound

The sound quality of the RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset is fantastic.  I have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and the opening cinematic sounded amazing on this headset.  I could hear every crunch of the snow beneath my feet, and with the added Dolby Atmos, the wind howling through the tress sounded like it was coming from all around me. 

At the bottom of the headset is the EQ button.  There are a number of EQ modes to choose from. 

One TonePure EQ is our signature sound
Two ToneSeismic EQ boosts bass
Three ToneIntensify EQ focuses on detail sounds
Four ToneVocal EQ emphasizes vocal frequencies


The RIG 800LX is an extremely comfortable headset.  I normally find after wearing a heaset for a long peridof of time, they start to feel uncomfortable.  However, this cannot be said about the RIG 800LX.  It benefits from having memory-foam ear cushions which mould to your ears, and has the secondary bonus of sealing the sound in.

As with the RIG 500 PRO HX, the 800LX is very light and has a self-adjusting head strap.  The RIG 800LX can be adjusted for comfort to three different sizes by moving the ear cups up or down on the frame.  To remove an earcup, you simply pop the earcup to detach it from the headband.

The controls are easily accessible on the headset which allows you to concentrate on your games instead of having to fiddle with settings on the console.  You can control the master volume, game/chat volume balance, as well as pair your device using the controls on the headset.

Wonderfully Wireless

The best feature of this headset is that it is wireless.  It makes for such an enjoyable experience when there are no leads and cables to get in the way.  It’s really simple to set up, plug the adapter into the Xbox, making sure that it is set to Xbox or PC.  The headset comes pre-paired to the adapter.  However, it’s really simple to pair it if needed.  Just flick the switch on the headset to pairing mode and press the pair button on the adapter.

The RIG 800LX provides helpful audio feedback, telling you what the battery level is, volume levels and if the headset is paired or not.

The microphone provides sharp, clear audio and has a very useful flip to silence feature.

Battery life

The headset claims to have up to 24 battery life.  Whilst I haven’t used the headset for 24 hour gaming marathon, what I can say is that I charged it on Friday (a full charge takes around 4.5 hours) and the battery is still going strong.


For me, the RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset is the best headset that I’ve ever used.  The most significant selling points for me are the wireless capabilities and the comfort that they provide.  They’re so light; it’s as if you’re not even wearing them.

At £159.99, they’re not cheap, but for me, you can’t put a price on ease of use and comfort.  The addition of a Dolby Atmos code and the ability to use the headset with Windows 10, also makes these worth the money.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

5 out of 5

You can purcahse the Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset at the follwoing link,

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