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Rapid Reviews: On New Horizons – Week 1 & 2

Reading Time: 7 minutes

I left off the last week’s segment with a little preview of the museum, so it’s only fitting to begin right there! Blathers is a fan favourite, so to see the museum fully built and open for business was exciting! It’s a huge step up from previous games, with lush green exhibits and waterfalls for the insects, and massive tanks and glass tubes for the fish. As soon as I saw it in the trailers I was so looking forward to it, and it’s stunning!

Like the other games in the series, Blathers is there to assess fossils and take in anything you want to donate. He will (reluctantly) take any critters, fish, or fossils that you have found on your island and others. This creates an entirely new collectible area of the game, to build the museum of your dreams, particularly as some creatures are only available seasonally.

I also mentioned last time how I wanted to complete the shop, which I have since succeeded! It felt so nostalgic to be walking into Nook’s Cranny again, run by Timmy and Tommy. Here you can sell things, as well as buy from a daily selection of items and some essentials, like tools. I also built my first bridge, saving a lot of time pulling out my pole vault!

From here on, my island has become busier every single day. Sherb, Eunice and Twiggy moved in, after choosing plots for their houses and providing them with their desired furniture. I absolutely love seeing the villagers go about their day, sitting down for a drink or a doughnut and doing a spot of yoga in the plaza. It is so cute to see them running around together too!

Like other Animal Crossing games, it can be a little frustrating when you want certain villagers to move in. At the beginning, you have to take who you are given, and once you build the campsite keep your fingers crossed for your favourite villager. Of course, you can use Amiibo to ensure you get who you want, though some will be difficult to get your hands on.

I was delighted to see even more familiar faces wandering around my island. Saharah arrived with her collection of rugs and wallpapers; buying her rugs will give you some tickets, which you can then save up to purchase a mystery rug or wallpaper. Honestly, the first mystery wallpaper I got was so ugly that I sold it, but I’ve seen some wonderful animated ones floating around, so it is worth trying if you’re into your rare decor!

Then, the adorable Celeste, sister to Blathers, showed up one night. She tells you about stargazing and gives you a DIY recipe for a wand; the ingredients for this are star fragments, which appear after wishing on shooting stars. I haven’t found any yet, but I think shooting stars only appear with meteor showers. The wand lets you change outfits without having to run to a wardrobe, so I’m keen to get my hands on one.

Of course, who could forget the turnip economy too? This time, it’s Joan’s granddaughter Daisy Mae, a new character, who arrives on Sundays with turnips to buy. If you’re not familiar with the turnip system, Daisy Mae will sell them for a certain price every Sunday (anything under 100 bells is pretty good). You can then check in with Timmy and Tommy to see how much they will buy them for, higher than what you bought them for obviously making you a profit. Be warned that turnips will rot after a week though, so it’s quite risky to wait for a high price, but it may pay off.

Mabel also turned up and after a few days of browsing and purchasing her goods, I was able to choose a location and the Able Sisters tailor shop was open for business! There’s a changing room and daily items, and my favourite part, the custom design screen. Here, you can upload your own designs and download others that people have made using their codes! Here is where you come in…

I have created a Rapid Reviews t-shirt design using the pro-design custom editor! We’ve come up with a competition for you lovely readers; download the design in the Able Sisters’ shop and submit a picture of you wearing it to @rapidreviewsuk on Twitter (and give them a follow)! We’re looking for the funniest and most creative screenshots, and the top 3 winners will receive a prize of their choice, including bells, fruit and fruit furniture. Now, on with the article…

During this time, the Town Hall has also been built…and Isabelle has arrived! This opens up even more creative opportunities for your island: talk to Tom Nook for terraforming abilities, such as bridges and stairs, and talk to Isabelle to adjust your island tune or flag, and even discuss a resident (essentially kicking them from the island, a little harsh, I know).

You are then able to place down a campsite too, giving you the opportunity to invite visiting villagers to stay there. You have to invite the first villager who arrives there, unfortunately for me who got an ugly hippo. However, it’s all part of “Project K”, increasing the population of your island and its beauty to encourage KK Slider to perform a concert there. I can now also place pre-determined plots of land for a fee of 10,000 bells, ready for a villager to move in. I am hoping and praying for a cat villager!!

I’ve also been having so much fun visiting other people’s islands and having them come visit me! Everyone is helpful and kind, exchanging items that we haven’t got or simply giving them away for free! I do still think it’s a shame there aren’t any mini-games, but people have got creative and made their own, like treasure hunts and musical chairs, with bells as prizes!

The Bunny Day event has also just started, so next time I’ll have lots to show you with cherry blossoms and Easter Egg items galore!

Guest Interview

Starting this week, we have a new section of our article dedicated to interviewing guests and finding out their thoughts on the game! To finish off, here’s today’s guest:

Name: Ella Barber
Age: 4
Island Name: Whoville

Are you enjoying New Horizons so far and why?

I love the game so far, I like catching the butterflies, changing my outfit and shopping. I like catching fish and I love visiting other islands. I really don’t like the scorpions, they make me jump!

What is your favourite part about the game?

My favorite thing is when my character goes to sleep on the game I can go to sleep in real life and we wake up and it’s the next day!! And I love when Mikey brings me presents!

What is your native island fruit? Are you happy with it?

I have pears but my daddy and mummy brought me the other fruit so I have all of them! I like apples though.

What did you name your island and why?

Whoville after my favorite film Grinch

What villagers are your favourite, and what villagers do you have on your island?

Winnie is my favorite and my little sister Daisy. I want the cat lady to live with me, I saw her on a mystery island I went to from the airport.

What do you think could be added to New Horizons to make it even better? Or anything you’d like to be changed?

Pick more hairstyles and mummy to live there too. I want to be able to get on the top bunk and paint my nails. Real pets you can play with. Visit family islands when they are not playing. 

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  • Millie

    Yessss post two and OOO A COMPETITION!! I haven’t actually used a design from someone else yet so once I’ve worked all that out BOOM you can expect my screenshot. I bought a few things from Savannah and I agree those animated wallpapers are so magical! I also love the segment at the end!! Looking forward to post three 🙂

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