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Rabsico+ Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Viridino Studios
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Genre(s): Puzzle, Arcade, Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 14/05/2021
Price: £4.99

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Ratalaika Games Strikes Again

Friends of mine will know I have limited patience when it comes to puzzle games. Purely because the second I start playing, I lose every brain cell. It becomes impossible to remember how to complete games and even the simplest of challenges. Something about the style initiates a wall to come up in my brain. Because of this, I am very picky in choosing which puzzle/arcade types I play. One common feature in all puzzle games I have played, are those that seem to have been published by our friend Ratalaika Games.

After watching the trailer for Rabisco+, I was excited to give this a try. It seemed colourful and the challenges seemed simple but still proposed a test of skill. Being a fan of Ratalaika Games, and what they publish, I already had my expectations set high. Of course, they delivered, and it was exactly the game for me. But I’m sure you want to know if it is the game for you…

Here we see the main character of Rabisco+ attempting to avoid the moving blocks, collect the keys and reach the moon.
And this was an easy level…

What’s Rabisco+ All About Then?

Well dear reader, thank you for asking! The game starts with a cut scene, to explain how we came to be part of this conundrum. The moon has sadly lost all of its stars, and he has chosen you dear soldier to collect them. That is if you can take on the puzzles that lie ahead.

It’s a very simple storyline, but I think it fits the game perfectly. A simple story to help the moon. That’s one thing I really enjoyed with this game, is the simplicity. The graphics of the game support this vision. They reflect that of a doodle drawing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly how the game started. The simple game is not overshadowed by mini-challenges or easter eggs. It is a case of making it from one end of the level to the other, and don’t die!

Many puzzle games often overcast what the game is really about, by adding in too much detail with collectables, or achievements. In these cases, it can ruin the enjoyment of the game because you are concentrating on trying to complete them instead of actually finishing the game itself. Rabisco+ is all fun and no drama and a great pick for family and friends of all ages.

Avoid the red spikes and don't get hit in order to reach the moon.
Loads of room for zoomies!

A Game to Put Your Thinking Caps On!

Being a puzzle game, it’s only right we take a moment to review the actual puzzles you are faced with throughout the game. Before we get into that, I do just want to mention one particular element of the game I enjoyed. As you make your way through the game, each level flows on from one another. Rather than feeling like it is an ongoing “stop, start, finish, rerun”, the levels would just keep going. It wasn’t until I had finished my binge and ended the game I realised how many levels I had done. I quite liked this element and I think it is partly what helps make the game so addictive. Rather than the attitude of “Ooh I’ll make a cup of tea after this level” there is no true ‘next level’. You become mesmerised in completing the games and as it flows so smoothly time flies by.

On this level we must try and use our burst mode to break the right amount of wall to reach the stars and end at the moon.
Those spikey boys are everywhere!!!!

With each new set of levels, came a new variety of challenges. The game leads you through different styles. These range from avoiding spikey stars, to fire stars, to spikey flame stars that move! As you manoeuvre through the levels, collecting keys and stars, you learn how to beat each one. Towards the end, all the skills you have learnt along the way come together with levels incorporating each challenge all into one.

Not only that, but the game offers you collectables (I know I mentioned earlier that collectables overshadow some games but bear with me on this!!). These collectables come in the form of gems, and colours. The colours can be used to change your main character. Feeling a bit blue today? There’s an option for that! Want some spice in your life? Orange will fit you just right!

The other option of gems add a nice little extra challenge for those that choose it. However, all gems and colours are not required in order to complete the puzzle, and they by no means add any distraction to the rest of the game. In fact, in most places, you have to divert past them in order to gain a star or reach the end anyway so you may as well fill your pockets with gems while you can!

Collecting stars in a yellow and blue themed level of Rabisco+
Just another day collecting stars.

For all those who are hardcore gamers, Rabisco+ also offers a chance to give speed run a go by adding the ability to turn on the timer.

Final Thoughts

I 100% recommend giving Rabisco+ a try. It is a game suitable for all ages and all skill levels. My only complaint – there are only 100 levels, and if you binge the game quite like I did it’s over in a splash. The puzzles bring fun and excitement while testing your puzzle-solving skills. This quirky arcade game is a must-have for everyone.

Trying to manoeuvre around the level without hitting the walls.
Things just got much harder.

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gold score

You can purchase the game from the Nintendo eShop here!

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