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Ooops!2 Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Independent Arts Software GmbH
Publisher: Wild River Games
Genre(s): Puzzle, Arcade, Action
Platform: Nintendo Switch, also available on Playstation 4, Xbox one
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 31/08/2021
Price: £14.99

A code was provided for review purposes

I am pleased to be writing today’s review, all about Ooops!2, the cooking game that puts your skills to the test. After the release of the movie Ooops! The Adventure Continues, earlier this year, Wild River Games released Ooops 2 to give everyone their own chance at cooking for those aboard Noah’s Ark. It turns out cooking for hundreds of animals, isn’t as easy as it may seem. Find out how we got on below.

Managing the mob

Ooops!2 launched on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch consoles on the 31st of August 2021. I had the chance to experience life as head chef of the ark on Nintendo Switch. As I have not watched the movie, I was keen to have a fresh take and see what it could offer.

I was first met with the two main characters through a brief cut scene. This helps to explain the reason you are on the ark, and what your duty will be. Dave is the first character you play as, and after a short while, you unlock Hazel. As you progress through the levels, you are able to unlock the variety of characters and give them their shot at being head chef and managing the crazy passengers aboard the ship. The overall aim of the game is to put together dishes and serve them on time. If you have ever played Overcooked, you will find this game very familiar. Levels include moving platforms, falling rooms, and plenty of other obstacles to make your way around. Putting the dishes together come with some challenges.

Here we are met with Finny, one of the characters from Ooops!2 as he introduces us to the next cooking challenge. "i don't believe it" he says.
What has Finny got in store for us this time?

Family Friendly Fun

As the game is based on a family movie, it is only right that the game reflects the wholesome atmosphere these animals bring. As mentioned earlier, I have never watched the movie, only viewing the trailer. Even so, this was enough to give me expectations of, loving, cosy, cuteness. The game itself completely represented this. The graphics used created soft characters that looked extra fluffy. Even some of the more irate individuals looked too adorable to dislike. The environment overall was fueled with fun and enjoyment. Ooops!2 is a game that I could easily play for hours.

As you progressed through the levels, it was evident you needed to really demonstrate your skills when it came to managing your timing and completing the task quickly. Multi-tasking was at the heart of every level, ensuring you had the right ingredients for the dish while cooking another, and ensuring there were enough clean plates to put your food out on. Any delayed meal and you lost points. If you managed to do all of the above, and within a good time, often the game would reward you with a time bonus. Every second counted when it came to getting that final score and ensuring everyone got to taste that delicious dinner.

One of the recipes for a Tarlet. this could be cooked one  some of the levels and uses two strawberries heated together.
The perfect pudding

Co-op chaos

One element I really enjoyed with this game, is the co-op option. Yourself and friend, or family member, can work together to cook up the perfect storm. This game method takes extra skill, and teamwork, to ensure you both do the right thing at the right time, and dishes are cooked together.

The game itself is exactly the same as if you were playing solo, but it has its own challenge with co-op, as you need to ensure there is crisp communication and you are not doing the same thing. I had endless hours of fun playing this with my boyfriend, and each round we would debrief as to what to do for the next. Deciding who would be in charge of washing dishes, and who is in charge of serving meals adds the extra challenge. The levels I particularly enjoyed involved throwing ingredients at one another while we were both on different platforms.

Various Levels

One great example of the levels on offer can be seen in the image below. You are tasked with cooking up some dishes, with one half of the kitchen on one platform, but in order to get to it, you have to wait for the other platform to move across. One wrong move and you’ll find yourself swimming deep in lava! Other levels include worktops sliding around, and moving platforms. You have to be careful to avoid fire and make sure you don’t fall off the edge! All levels come together to form the ultimate challenge for you and a partner to try. They require extra strong communication to know who is doing what and which ingredients to throw across.

Despite the game being aimed at years 6 to 12, this is definitely a game for all ages. It’s a game you can pick up and play on your own, or tackle with another person. It guarantees endless hours of fun. The challenges the levels bring really do make time fly. I would often find myself not blinking while playing each level, as I was concentrating so hard to make sure we got three stars. It wasn’t just a case of completing the level, it was ensuring we did our very best.

Don’t fall!

An accident waiting to happen, or an adventure?

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this game. Even with how similar it is to Overcooked, it’s not an issue. It has its own unique storyline, ensuring the passengers are fed, and each location is different to what can be seen in Overcooked. I like this game, and it’s super fun, so I would definitely give it a try. There are hours of gameplay to enjoy, and really tests the relationship you have with your friends and family, as you work together to get the best score. Ooops!2 is a game for everyone to enjoy, and anybody should have a sneak peek behind the curtains of the ark, and see if they can try the challenge.

The final score from a level, showing how many orders were delivered, missed and any mistakes that happened.
Only two stars

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


You can purchase this game on the Nintendo Store here.

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