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Neobuds Pro Review

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Fast Facts

NeoBuds Pro

Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Audio Codecs: LDAC, LHDC, SBC
ANC ON Playback Time: 5 hours (earbuds) + 15 hours (charging case)
ANC OFF Playback Time: 6 hours (earbuds) + 18 hours (charging case)
Charging Time: About 1 hour (earbuds/charging case)

Stats taken from edifier.com
The NeoBuds Pro were provided for review purposes

The NeoBuds Pro offer a wealth of audio features in a stylish earbud format but were these headphones music to my ears? Find out in this Rapid Review.

First Impressions

The NeoBuds Pro are my first foray into the world of earbud headphones. I have always used larger over-ear devices in both gaming and travel. When the opportunity to review a smaller set of headphones arose, I jumped at the opportunity. The earbuds were much smaller than I expected and were presented in an extremely sleek and futuristic chargeable case emblazoned with a metallic three-line NeoBuds logo. Upon opening the case, I was greeted with a glowing red beam of light. This provided great visual feedback when pairing the earbuds with my phone via Bluetooth. The process of pairing initially was easy with a small, discreet button in the centre of the case. However, on one or two occasions, my left earbud was not picked up and I had to re-pair the device in order to play music through both ears. Also in the packaging came a quick start guide, and a ‘25 years of Edifier’ plaque (which works quite nicely as a mug mat!) I was also pleased to see a case of six silicone covers; helpfully colour-coordinated to signify the various sizes.


A shiny box shows an image of the NeoBuds Pro
Shiny Box!

Blown away by the bass

With the smooth pairing process and helpful sizing silicone system, I was eager to get started with the earbuds. Ready to go, I was instantly taken aback at the level of bass produced by these tiny pieces of hardware. Tracks from artists such as The Weeknd played beautifully with an underlying ‘boom’ to the sound. The in-ear nature of the device means that the NeoBuds Pro provides natural noise cancellation as the silicone tips ‘seal off’ the outside sound. In addition to this, the headphones also provide a further two options for active noise cancellation: low, and high. With the high active noise cancellation provided, irritating sounds were removed in an instant. For example, whilst sitting in a train next to a window, the sound of the wheels on the track was heavily reduced. In part aided by the strong audio mixing of TV shows such as Andor, watching films and tv shows with ANC enabled whilst on loud methods of transport became incredibly immersive. Despite a low latency ‘game mode’ being offered, I found that the audio and video synced perfectly without this mode enabled.

Various colours of silicone tips denote different colours
Various silicone sizes for a comfortable fit!

Pros of Portability

The lightweight nature of the headphones made me rethink how I carry around headphones. Where previously I’ve carried bulky over-ear devices in large backpacks, the portable carrying box easily slotted into my coat pocket. Now, when leaving the house, all I require is a pocket for my phone and my NeoBuds. Speaking of phones, the headphones come with an ‘Edifier’ app which I downloaded from the Google Play store. As well as showcasing battery status, the app also provides fine-tuning of audio levels. For me, the NeoBuds Pro already came with a strong mixing of sound so I did not utilise the app’s customisation features. Nevertheless, I found the app very easy to navigate and the inclusion of an ‘all-in-one’ notification dashboard was a fantastic addition. This meant I could quickly check battery levels and change the audio modes (which can also be done by tapping the earbuds themselves) from my notification bar! I never encountered any issues with battery life and the chargeable nature of the case meant that my NeoBuds Pro greeted me fully charged after a day of work. 


Overall, the NeoBuds Pro offer phenomenal sound in a stylish format, with some fantastic active noise-cancellation. In an impressively small form factor, the earbuds greatly increased the immersiveness of video, and the quality of music. Some minor pairing quibbles aside, the NeoBuds Pro offer a great option if you’re looking for a portable device to use on the go! 

Rapid Reviews Rating

gold score

4.5 out of 5


You can buy the NeoBuds Pro from the Edifier Store

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