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Maneater Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Tripwire Interactive LLC
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive LLC
Website: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/maneater/home
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 18
Release Date: 22/05/2020
Price: £33.49

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DID SOMEBODY SAY SHARK?! Now if you are like me, I have always found sharks unbelievably fascinating; the great big beasts of the sea and the different types have always been a slight interest of mine. So, if you are a huge fan of the Jaws movies or even shark week then WELCOME TO MANEATER.

What lurks beneath?

In this sea adventure, you play as s baby Bull shark torn from its mother’s womb forcefully by a vicious hunter named Scaly Pete who loathes sharks with a passion. Your primary mission is to grow and evolve through any means necessary to get revenge on the man and his allies, who killed your mother and your kind.

While you play as the baby Bull shark, you will encounter countless enemies from jaw crunching alligators to extremely fast barracudas, and even your own species. The sea is a vast, watery grave so watch where you swim and do not try facing a level 20 alligator while being level 5. You will die.

That fin incites fear everywhere!

To survive in this open-world of beautifully designed coral reefs to the swamps across a wide range of different habitats, you must eat and kill to survive. This will also help your shark grow bigger and stronger to become the deadliest shark to swim into the world. From fish to turtles to predators, you can chomp and ravage whatever you please. Humans are also on the menu too.

Eating humans comes at a cost, and you will have to face the consequences as a wave of hunters will come after you and sometimes the main boss; dodge or fight, it’s entirely up to you. Eating is the way to level up, so eat till you cannot eat any more.

You meet predators in this water known as Apex Predators, stronger and deadlier than anything. Defeating these monsters will give you an upgrade to add to your shark; these upgrades will make your shark stronger and more of a killer, and you can equip these upgrades at any grotto across the map, while also being able to get there by fast travel.

Snatching victory from the JAWS of defeat.

Across every map are a series of collectables such as number plates and landmarks. Can you find them all? This game also comes with tons of achievements, so if you are a hunter, you might as well be an achievement one too.

You never know what you might catch next!

All in all, I generally enjoyed this game. I cannot tell you how much I also learned from the commentary of the narrator, which talks while you play, spitting out facts and information.

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You can buy Maneater for Xbox One at the following link:
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