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Gioteck TX-50 Review

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Fast Facts

GIOTECK TX-50 Gaming Headset

Manufacturer: GIOTECK
Compatibility: XBOX, PS5, PC
Connection: 3.5m Jack (Wired)
Audio: 50mm High Impact Drivers
Materials: Rubberised Plastic & Alacantara Cushioning
Release Date: 17/11/2020
Price: £26.99

Here Comes The Boom

With the next generation of gaming consoles now fully launched in the UK, the early adopters out there are scouring the market for peripherals to enhance their experience. Often this comes at a premium, although, that’s certainly not the case for the GioTeck TX-50. At least not when it comes to price anyway.

Arctic White Is Crispy Fresh.

A Match Made In Heaven

Launched specifically alongside the PlayStation 5, this Gaming Headset is available in a striking Arctic White and Blue and it’s the perfect partner in colour and styling for the console.

A Perfect Match.

The TX-50 is a very solidly built gaming headset. It holds a firm clamp to the head, so no risk of it falling off mid battle in Warzone. And with its silky and texturised Alcantara earcups it never heats up on the ears even after a few hours of gameplay.

Those Are Premium Materials

The outer shell of the headset and cups is a texturised plastic finish that feels resilient and of a surprising quality at this price point. It exceeds my Sony PS4 Gold headset for build quality hands down, despite that being triple the price!

Very Robust Build.

The Earcups themselves are of a narrowed shape, so only just about squeezes each of my ears inside. It’s definitely more of an on-ear design rather than over-ear. This does mean any chance of passive noise cancellation is a bit of a no go.

Slightly Unorthodox Mic Switch Position.

The TX-50 is a wired headset, with a slightly alternative microphone control replacement. Instead of dangling around your neck area, it’s far enough down that these controls sit more in your lap whilst playing. It takes some getting used to, but certainly mitigates any worry around microphonics whilst playing. The boom mic attached to the side is also flexible and bendy, and can be folded away when party chat just isn’t your vibe right now. As showcased already, this is another quality addition, and the outer shell of the mic is a flexible metal mesh.

Turn It Up

A complaint often posed for wired headsets on PlayStation, is the 3.5mm jack on the PS4 controller doesn’t do a great job of driving headphones from a volume perspective. That is partially a challenge here, and why we often see more expensive headsets using amps to boost audio. The volume output is fine, and at max volume is clear enough allowing you to hear epic fanfares, or sneaky footsteps with ease. Those 50mm Drivers have a really well rounded sound, with a deep bass thump and wide enough soundstage to separate all of the sound components. Would I like a little more volume? Sure, but it’s not a deal breaker.

For the almost giveaway sum of £26.99 the TX-50 are a great addition for PS5 or Xbox Series X owners. Even those standing firm with their PS4s or Xbox Ones will love these too. They are a well built, and quality feeling gaming headset. If you can forgive the small challenges that impact all wired headsets out there these will bring a smile to any gamer’s face.

Rapid Reviews Rating

The GIOTECK TX-50 PS5 Headset is available now from Argos

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