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Ghost Giant

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Game Details

Title: Ghost Giant
Developer: Zoink Games
Publisher: Thunderful
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platform: PS4 (VR Required)
Audience: 3+
Release Date: 16-04-2019
Price: £19.99 – Rapid Reviews UK were very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers say

– Step into Louis’ world and break the wall between protagonist and player in a highly immersive VR story.
– Maneuver a unique diorama world by opening roofs, grabbing cars or rotating a whole house! While you’re at it – why not use a crane as a huge fishing rod?
– Explore the cozy miniature village of Sancourt and help its citizens with all their quirky problems by using your strength and wits.
– Experience a heartfelt adventure about friendship and courage, written by internationally acclaimed writer Sara B. Elfgren.


What would you do if you were 50 feet tall with big blue arms that no one but a small kitten could see? As odd as a query that this is (and I’m not sure if I want to know some peoples answers to this question) this is the premise of Zoink Games newest creation.

Ghost Giant is a game that makes you think at the start “what were these guys thinking when coming up with this?” with the unique handcrafted world and sweet little animal inhabitants, you can’t help but think that this is a game aimed at 5-year-olds.

But despite its delightful and endearing charm, there is a story that at some points takes a slightly sombre turn, you know that everything is not as happy-go-lucky as you may think from the start of the game when you first of meet your helpless little friend, Louie, who is sat at the edge of a pond, crying.

Audio & Visual

The endearing world of Ghost Giant is made to look like a hand-crafted stage for you to admire and explore, with cardboard cut-out hedges, fabric sewn together and planks of wood nailed to each other, it could be as if it was an enormous stage created for a children’s puppet show. You will find that the stage glows on an important plot element taking place as if you are watching the performance unfold in front of you. It is by no means as brilliantly created to look like a handmade creation such as Yoshi’s Crafted World, but being able to peer into a home like it’s a dolls house is a fun and unusual experience.

With many different animals as the cast that look like cute dinky toys, you could find in an old fashioned toy chest. Each of these animals is so unique and have been given amazing personalities to match with the skilfully performed voices, and I adore that the game feels as if you are playing with these exceptional creatures and that the cast has a childish charm around them.

The music score played within Ghost Giant is a beautiful melody of wind and string instruments, between the loading of the levels, you are treated to this relaxing and elegant harmony while sitting in the starry darkness, and I could sit there forever. The music could fully lift your spirits with hopes for young Louie, but also bring tears to your eyes with the sadness and desperation that Louie also feels within the game.

Gameplay & Replayability

The gameplay for Ghost Giant is one of the most simplistic of any game I’ve played. It must at first be noted that to play Ghost Giant you do need 2 PlayStation Move controllers, With them, you control a gigantic pair of translucent blue arms of which you can purely poke to interact with objects and characters and pinch to grab objects and pull levers. I did have a slightly difficult time with this game at the start, just because of the size of the room I was playing in, I would reach for objects that were farther in the stage, and they were just out of reach of my big blue fingertips. But after finding the sweet spot in the room (as far from the camera as I could get) I could play much more easily, some slight bumps here and there and the cat got poked a couple of times (it’s ok, she thought I was playing)

The game requires you to complete certain errands at your leisure to proceed with the story, the game is laid back and relaxed that you don’t feel the need to rush, but instead look and explore your surroundings. With tasks such as painting a picture using squashed tomatoes and motorcycle oil or baking a fresh apple pie.

A lot of the levels have also got many hidden objects to find like a little green caterpillar or a variety of silly hats to seek out and place on the heads of the many town folks. There is also a basketball and net in some levels that you can try and free throw into the hoop.

Although the story is a short one (only 13 chapters, with some being shorter than others) the story is so charming that you can quite easily play through the whole game again.


With only 13 chapters to complete in the game, the story, although a very beautiful and heartfelt story, feels so very short and left me wanting so much more from this charming world. I could have quite easily played another 13 or more chapters just exploring the surroundings and visiting the many unique residents of this fantastic town.

If you want a game to help you feel relaxed and give you the warm feeling from supporting the small town folk and lifting the spirits of the cute little fuzzball we love so much, then this is a game for you. With a magnificent music score and very heart-warming story with moments that can make your eyes fill with tears, this is a game I would recommend for the tale alone.

I would love to see a return of the Ghost Giant in the future, with more exploration of the surroundings, more of the fantastic writing and performance from the voice actors, and maybe we can have a chance of a naughty Ghost Giant who steals peoples underwear from the washing line and places it on top of a flag pole!

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You can purchase Ghost Giant from the PlayStation 4 at the following link,

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