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Elgato HD60S Game Capture Device Review

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*Disclaimer* Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with this product for review purposes.

I have been interested in their products for a while now and have been meaning to make more of an effort in my streaming efforts, as well as getting the YouTube content up and running for this site.

The Nintendo Switch is by far my favourite system right now, and yes, there are some games that will look at probably play better elsewhere but there is something about the Switch that just appeals to me more.

But how can I combine my streaming/video content aspirations with a system that doesn’t natively facilitate either?

You get a cracking piece of kit like the Elgato HD60S that’s how.

When the chance to review this particular piece of equipment came along I firstly couldn’t believe it and then couldn’t say no.

Elgato is a German company and leading name in the world of video capture, with their line of game capture card devices dominating the Google results when searching for anything related to game capture. The HD60S is their top line external capture device and a direct upgrade to the HD60 model.

Elgato HD60S

Core Features

While I was excited to get my hands on the Elgato HD60S, I was unaware of exactly what it brought to the table. Let’s take a quick look at the core features of the product.

  • Instant Streaming and Recording (via Game Capture HD software)
  • 1080p and 60fps Capture Rates
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Unlimited Captures – Videos save directly to your connected machine

On to of that, you can download the different Elgato software packages free of charge from their website. They automatically detect the device when it’s turned on, and not only does this give you the instant streaming and recording capabilities as mentioned above, but it also incorporates a basic video editing tool too. Meaning you can control everything through a single source.

A Sleek and Sexy Machine

From the box down the Elgato looks like a quality piece of kit. It’s minimalistic in design and compact. The Elgato unit itself is a sleek and curvy product that even Steve Jobs would have enjoyed looking at.

It’s small and portable which makes it perfect for capturing game footage wherever you are.

 Elgato HD60S Connections

Easy to Step Up and Simple to Use

All you need to start streaming from any gaming device is the Elgato device and three cables. It’s as simple as that. The only thing I could think might cause some to stumble is only two of the three cables are included.

You have an HDMI connection from your console to the Elgato and the USB connection that runs the same. All you need to add yourself is a second HDMI cable from your monitor/laptop to the Elgato unit.

In this day and age needed to have your own HDMI cable is akin to needing to get your own batteries for something you bought. It’s not a big deal.

I had the unit up and running within 5 minutes, and the box even has a neat series of diagrams helping you connect the right cables in the right way

My Experience With the Elgato HD60S

The above is great to read, who wants to buy something without knowing what they are getting for their money. But what about usability? How did I get on with the device?

Let’s start from the beginning.

I had the device plugged in and ready to go in five minutes. The software downloaded and was easy to get up and running. The biggest problem I had was finding the right place to sit, as I only have a laptop and don’t have a dedicated area for gaming other than my corner of the sofa.

I started off by capturing some video. A single click of the button using the Game Capture HD software. The machine worked like a dream and the quality of the video was immediately evident. I did struggle to find where the videos were saved on my machine, and while the software gives little in the form of instruction it was equally my own fault for not paying attention to things.

I will admit I only used the editing tools minimally, only really going so far as to cut sections from larger videos.

Streaming was an equally smooth process. Two buttons to click this time, one for the stream and one to capture my mic audio. I could control the title of my stream through the software too.

Game Capture HD Elgato

NOTE – At the time of writing, I have only used Game Capture HD. For those more interested in streaming, the Stream Deck software offers more control including access to OBS studio and other such elements. I have it downloaded but yet to really use it.

The Elgato worked very well for streaming, and given my laptop is not really geared up for gaming. It meets the basic requirements, but I am sure to be at the lower end. Yet, I only had a few minor issues with input lag while streaming. I never experienced it while capturing video content.

I also discovered that if I keep the software in windows mode (as opposed to full screen) the instances of lag were reduce to almost nothing.


Is the Elgato HD60S a good game capture device? It certainly is. I am delighted with the tool and use it constantly.

I really like the fact that I can now stream from my favourite console and share my gaming adventures with others. It also makes reviewing games for this site that much more interactive, as it lets me stream my reviews and share my thoughts in real-time before I sit down to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).

If you are interested in capturing your game footage, then I cannot recommend the Elgato enough. I look forward to using every time and can’t wait to get my hands on their other products too.

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You can find out some more information about this product by following this link,

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