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Blasphemous 2

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Fast Facts

Blashphemous 2

Developer: The Game Kitchen
Publisher: Team 17
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, Adventure, RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch (also available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC)
Age Rating: PEGI16
Release Date: 24/08/2023
Price: £24.99

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The story picks up from the Wound of Eventide DLC. The Heart in the Sky predicts the return of The Miracle and the arrival of a new miracle baby. However, the mission becomes even more challenging when he discovers that The Miracle has created a group of Sentinels, led by the Father of the Penitents.

This is the most METAL intro to any game, EVER!

Holy Artefacts of Pain

In Blasphemous 2, the Mea Culpa sword is unavailable, but players can choose from three other weapons. The War Censer is a heavy and powerful weapon that can deal fire damage. It has great range and strength. The Sarmiento and Centella combo is a rapier and dagger set that allows the Penitent One to move quickly and strike at high speed. It has a lightning element but may not cause significant damage. The Ruego Al Alba sword is a medium-weight option and is similar to the Mea Culpa from the first game. This sword allows players to parry and has a Blood Pact gauge that provides special moves and stronger attacks for a limited time.

These weapons are necessary to progress through the game as they open paths and solve puzzles. Additionally, they are useful tools for solving traversal puzzles.

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Old Testament

There are many collectibles and weapons in Blasphemous 2, each with its own skill tree. Defeating bosses or enemies earns Marks of Martyrdom. Death returns you to the last checkpoint, with a penalty affecting Tears gained. Retrieve Regret spectre or pay Confessor to remedy.

Minty Heartburn

Buff up with Saint Sculptures

Trinkets like Rosary Beads and Altarpiece of Favours enhance side quests in the game. Wooden figures offer passive boosts and amplify character customisation. Scattered throughout the world, so it’s important to explore thoroughly and collect as many powers as possible while gaining new traversal skills.

This guy is more tour guide than merchant

You Are Dead

Dying is a common occurrence. I do not write this to discourage the reader from playing, as that would be the greatest sin of all. The platforming segments have improved from its prequel. The main cause of my many, many deaths was the short invincibility frames upon damage, particularly when swarmed by enemies. It is best to slide your way out of danger and learn enemy attack patterns to mitigate another swift respawn. 

Learning to parry with your bladed weapons is key to countering the attacks from the hellish creatures that inhabit this world. The result of a successful parry can also leave enemies open to a very gory and satisfying finishing move. 

Combat is so very satisfying, with intricate yet simple-to-execute commands. As with many Souls-Like games, every enemy, regardless of calibre, has the power to end your run swiftly if not tackled properly. Bosses are probably the best example of this. Learning their patterns and avoiding their attacks will require a lot of patience and concentration. But I cannot describe how satisfying it is to land the last blow and see the screen turn red with black silhouettes for extra dramatic effect. 

Confession time

Semana Santa

The Game Kitchen’s signature art style returns and is as jaw-dropping as ever. Capturing the architecture of the Andalusian Catholic/Muslim fusion, alongside the many references to Christian iconology, with their own unique splash of macabre and gore. 

The clever use of parallax and the attention to detail given to the environment really bring this world to life, and I particularly enjoyed the new enemies and their animations. The choice of earthy and dull colours is juxtaposed with the character sprites in the foreground and the special effects. It is truly a stunning game. Although I did not encounter any major bugs during my playthrough, the camera would jolt in one particular area of the game. I believe the developer has been informed and is looking into patching the game soon. 

My only critique is the new story segments, which have been given a comic aesthetic. It still works well, but it feels like a slight downgrade after having stunning pixelated cutscenes.

A new meaning to soaring house prices

Darkest Choir

Equally magnificent is the game’s soundtrack. Its composer, Carlos Viola, has once again created a beautiful repertoire of songs, ranging from acoustic Spanish guitars and castanet percussion, flamenco-inspired songs, to full orchestral and acapella dramatic music.

The same care has been given to the voice talent of the many characters in the game. Although it’s a gaming facet that somewhat divides the audience, the tone and delivery align with the context and setting in which this game takes place. Also, the sounds of the executions really elevate the gore factor.

She travelled all the way by hand to state the obvious


Blasphemous 2 is yet another hit by the Spanish developer. Kept a lot of the great mechanics and added a few new ones. This has paid off, mainly because it will give the player enough flexibility to fit their play style. 2023 has become the year of great releases; this game is no exception. 

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5 out of 5


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