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The Tiny Bang Story Review

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Fast Facts

Title: The Tiny Bang Story
Developer: Colibri Games
Publisher: Ellada Games
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: PEGI 3
Release Date: 04/10/19
Price: £7.69 – Rapid Reviews UK were very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

The Tiny Bang Story is an adorable looking game. Even from the trailer, you can see it has a lovely aesthetic. The world has been hit by a meteorite and thus has shattered into lots of tiny pieces; you now have to put those pieces back together. You’re thrown into the game fairly swiftly, and you start with a single environment, the objective for each scene is to find a setlist of objects and solve the puzzles to progress to the next area and piece together a section of the world map.

With five different levels split into three or four different areas, you won’t spend a huge amount of time with The Tiny Bang Story once you’ve got into the swing of things. However, the way Colibri Games have presented the environments and gameplay is what really shines. Being a puzzle game; you’ll be doing a mixture of finding items hidden in and around the environments as well as solving many logical puzzles. There are 25 puzzle pieces hidden on each level which you have to piece together at the end and multiple other objectives and hidden items that you’ll need to find to progress. For example, one of the earlier puzzles has you find a host of small light bulbs which in turn allows you to unlock a mechanical panel puzzle.

You feel a natural sense of progression with the puzzle-solving and navigating between each of the scenes is a case of moving your cursor to the edge of the screen and tapping A. The game supports touch screen controls if you’re playing handheld but even playing on the TV is intuitive enough as you can hold the ZL or ZR buttons to increase the cursor movement speed. It never feels sluggish or slow. The simplicity of the controls makes the game more appealing. You can see a lot clearer while playing on a bigger screen so some players may prefer that over the Switch’s screen size when playing handheld given the nature of the game.

The first thing I noticed was the visuals. They’re striking, and the way they’ve hidden all of the items is ingenious. They blend into the scenery, and it forces you to hunt for everything, scanning every little detail. There is a function which allows you to see a brief highlight of everything that you’re able to interact within a scene. It’s a great addition if you’re feeling a little stuck as to where to look next. If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, you can see a hint for those too, and the difficulty is evenly balanced though so I rarely had to use them. It never feels like your scratching your head too long to the point of it becoming a frustrating bore.

The music gives you that classic fairytale charm. It’s relaxing and fits the tone perfectly, although very understated. You could play through the game to completion and only notice it an hour into your adventure; in a good way.

The Tiny Bang Story is a great puzzle game, and if you enjoy the hidden object formula, then you’ll love what it has to offer. Creative and pretty environments with intuitive puzzle designs. I wish that the game was a little longer; you can get through the whole thing in a couple of hours. But that didn’t dampen the experience I had, and I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for that puzzling itch to scratch!

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