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The Rapid Reviews Christmas Gift Guide – Ho Ho Hoooooold up, there’s only a week left to shop!

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We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite seasonal gaming gifts for anyone needing a few ideas. Also, why the hell did you leave it this late? You just booked a sweet spot on the naughty list. Now redeem yourself and have a browse.

No affiliate links, we just thought this stuff was cool. Now let’s ask the boss to kick us off!

Overlord Mike: Jumpers

It’s that time of year again! The time when you can wear the most outlandish Christmas jumpers possible, and get away with it. Here are my top 3 gaming Christmas jumpers for this year.

3. Official Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Gem Christmas Jumper

Despite the recent debate over the design of a certain blue hedgehog, there’s no arguing that this jumper features Sonic as we know and love him. I love the simplistic design of this jumper, and the large gems on the sleeves look great.

2. Ghostbusters Christmas Jumper / Ugly Sweater

Who you gonna call? The fashion police! This jumper is as garish as they come! However, I love it! Fans of the timeless Ghostbusters will love it too! I particularly like the Christmassy Ghostbusters logo. All of the main characters make an appearance including Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

1. Xbox Achievement Christmas Jumper

The Numskull Designs Xbox Achievement Christmas Jumper is my favourite this year. As a big Xbox fan, this jumper hits all the right buttons for me. The overall design is excellent, with the Xbox controllers and the controller button layout. My favourite aspect of the jumper is the huge “achievement unlocked” design across the front. This jumper is a must for all Xbox fans. As well as looking great, the jumper is also very comfortable.

Alex: Decorations

What can you get the gamer in your life that says Happy Christmas in just the right way? Well, here are a few Christmas ornament ideas that are guaranteed to get you a 1-up this festive season.

3. Pokébaubles

That’s right. What better, or more seasonally relevant Christmas decoration than a set of Pokéballs ready to hang in the tree. I think a valid case can be made that Pokémon is now a Christmas game. Two years running now, Nintendo have released a new Pokémon just ahead of the Christmas season, and I know for a fact that for the second year running it is going to be one of the games you will be hearing about through into the new year.

2. Tetris Stockings

It may be 2019 but there are still plenty of folks out there who hang their stockings by the fireplace on Christmas eve. What better way to embrace your love of gaming geekdom than with a stocking in the shape of a Tetris block, or failing that a stocking emblazoned with the most famous blocks in the world.

1. Sora Christmas Figurine

Which gamer’s Christmas window could be considered complete with a Sora black Christmas figure. While technically an action figure, it has a deserved place on the season display. Complete with the Keyblade to help let Santa inside with the rest of the gifts you good folk are getting this year.

2DMike – Rando & (not always) Christmas Misc

In the absence of a genuine Turbo Man doll I’ve found some things and some stuff I thought looked cool. And some freaky junk. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas: plastic tat. Let’s rock.

3. Displate Metal Posters

Are your walls boring? Well, stop being such a drone and liven up you room with some really cool metal posters from Displate. Always look for discount codes before you buy as there’s always one or two knocking about. I own a Kingdom Hearts one and we have it in our living room. Because we’re cool. Got it memorised?

2. Christmas Pokemon Duvet Cover

One for the over thirties who still fancy themselves the very best. Not sure? Sleep on it.

1. Christmas Miku (2018’s finest import)

Or why not go for a Meri Meri Kuurisumasu?

A Joyous Con

Not a fan of the above? Why not just buy both sets of these overpriced controllers, take the left green one, grab the right red one and chuck the other two in the bin.

Bang! Christmas Combo.

Smart, economic, not at all wasteful or frivolous.

See anything you like? Did you do something horrible enough to a family member to deserve that ugly Tetris Stocking? Got any ideas to share? Hit us up on Twitter @RapidReviewsUK

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