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Terrorhythm Review

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Game Details

Title: Terrorhythm
Developer: Forever Entertainment S.A.
Publisher: Forever Entertainment S.A.
Genre: Fighting, Arcade
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 25/07/2019
Price: £8.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

Rhythm fighting games are a genre that I’ve never really dabbled in before, the only similar sort of game being Rhythm Paradise on the Nintendo DS. This made me intrigued to try out Terrorhythm, the character design and the cyberpunk vibes also catching my eye. I was met with a fun game that challenges your ability to fight to the rhythm, increasing in difficulty as you progress.

In a futuristic world where sound is forbidden, you must bring back the music by defeating the enemies that attack you from both sides. However, using the left and right bumpers, you must time your hits to the beat of the electronic music. Let them get too close to you, and your health will drop until you ‘disconnect’ and have to restart the level. Landing combo hits will increase the range in which you can attack, and can also be increased by pressing the B button. Pressing X also lets you perform a charged attack. Certain enemies have weapons which mean when you hit them, you receive a limited amount of time to use that weapon, for example, a sword.

It did take me a while to get used to the game at the beginning. I was focusing too much on trying to time my attacks to what I thought was the right beat, without paying attention to the actual enemies. Luckily, there are four levels of difficulty to choose from; relaxed, normal, hard and terror. Relaxed lets you play the level without the risk of being disconnected, but your score doesn’t get recorded. I’d recommend playing this first to get used to the game, as this is how I realised you need to attack when the enemies enter your range. You will then naturally be hitting to the beat and get into the flow without even knowing it.

Even on normal, it’s still a challenging game, the bpm increasing as you unlock harder levels. Later levels are locked behind a rank, and to rank up; you must improve your scores on the levels. The higher the score, the more points you gain to help you rank up.

The visuals on this game are very aesthetically pleasing with its futuristic, colourful neon lights and backdrops of towering skyscrapers. The design of the protagonist with his animalistic, bright red mask and white cloak alongside his urban clothes is striking, paired perfectly with the smooth animation. It runs brilliantly on the Switch despite the number of enemies that can be on the screen at one time. I also love the layout around the screen showing you the beat of the music as a guide.

Of course, this game relies heavily on its soundtrack as a rhythm-based game. The electronic music is the perfect fit for it, hyping you up to match the rhythm and easing you into it before it gets faster. I couldn’t see the game working with any other type of music, or at least not as well. It adds to the aesthetic of the game superbly. However, I would like to see a wider variety of songs as some levels reuse the same ones.

Because of the ability to change difficulties swiftly between each level, this means the replayability aspect is large. I have not attempted any difficulty higher than normal yet as even that is a tough test, so I can’t imagine how hard the terror mode is! It’s great for people to challenge themselves and see if they can get the highest score though, and needing to increase your scores to rank up also adds to the replayability.

Overall, Terrorhythm has an appealing vibe and is great fun to play once you get accustomed to the flow of the music. It’s not my usual type of game, but it definitely does the job as a rhythm-based game, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself further!

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You can purchase Terrorhythm from the Nintendo eShop at the following link,–1602157.html

One Comment

  • Millie

    I’ve never played or even thought about playing a rhythm game because I can sense how it would end – badly! I saw the remake of the Zelda one but even then I can’t seem to convince myself to play it haha. Thanks for sharing though and I never know, maybe one day I will try it!

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