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Super Mega Baseball 3 Review

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Fast Facts

Super Mega Baseball 3

Developer: Metalhead Software
Publisher: Metalhead Software
Genre: Sports, Simulation, Arcade
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 13/05/2020
Price: £34.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

I’m a sucker for sports games. I always have been, but recently, I have found the ‘realism’ in them takes away a certain amount of enjoyment. I like the escapism that games offer, and sometimes, when a game is too realistic, it becomes almost a chore to have to play it. The only exception to this, for some reason, is NHL 20, which I can still play for hours on end without issue.

So, when I saw the arcade-style behind Super Mega Baseball 3, I just had to give it a go.

As the name would suggest, there have been previous incarnations of this game, but I have not played any of them. So, I went into this blind, and I can say right for the off this game exceeded my expectations and offered so much more than I was expecting.

I like the arcade-style look and feel to the game. The characters were all unique and made me think of those bobblehead figures you see all in stores. Their sized heads and animations made the game enjoyable and helped you escape from the real world and into the game.

Super Mega Baseball 3 Nintendo Switch

From the emotions of being struck out, ranging from rage to shock and savage disappointment to the entertaining celebrations following a home run to a giant pitcher hitting a series of dabs after a strikeout, this game brought enjoyment to every play.

There was a range of different stadiums you got to play in and each one had some lovely background details, including distant scenery beyond the stadium walls, that lent a real atmosphere to the game, and took away that feeling of repetition. You felt like you were in different stadiums and when playing, maybe its something that is fulfilling on a subconscious level more than a conscious one, but it was there, nonetheless.

Much like the upbeat visual style, the game’s soundtrack was equally jaunty, with fun instrumental music playing around the standard in-game commentary and sound effects. I mean, maybe a little bit of actual commentary would have been nice. Even if just at the start or the end of an innings. What you did have was a stadium announcer, and it was only later, after stopping my game as I was pitching to eat some food, did I hear the comment she makes when the game is stationary (but not on pause). There were some entertaining lines of dialogue in there, and it demonstrates the depth of thought put into creating the game.

Super Mega Baseball 3 Nintendo Switch Review

As far as game options go, Super Mega Baseball 3 is jam-packed with different game modes, offering a range of different play styles, and many customisable options to boot.

  • Exhibition Games
  • Pennant Race
  • Franchise
  • Season
  • Elimination

The game also tracks all scored against an online leaderboard and supports but local and online multiplayer games. I haven’t had the chance to try an online game just yet, but I can imagine it would be a blast to play with friends.

The game also offers extensive customization options which I really like. You can edit everything from leagues to teams and players. While I found it a little strange, there was no create a player option, the ability to customize every existing player made up for it fully.

For the purpose of this review, I played through a full season, including the playoffs, and managed to win the grand prize.

Review of Super Mega Baseball 3 Nintendo Switch

The gameplay was simple to pick up, and the difficulty was easy to change at any point in time, even in the middle of a game.

Batting was a fun process, and I will admit it took a few practice games to get used to. First the timing of the swing, then the movement of the hit focus point, and finally learning when to hold back and let the ball sail past. Pitching was an equally enjoyable experience, and the stamina mechanic and how it influenced the pitch quality was a nice element of realism. I found pitching the easiest part of the game to get to grips with, and yet offered the largest element of strategy. Choosing the right pitch for the batter and avoiding too many repetitions of the same. That being said, the sensitivity of the analogue sticks meant some pitches went a little wild as the intensity of the game increased. Definitely one better played with the Pro Controller than on Joy-Cons.

There was, obviously, quite the degree of repetition, playing 9 innings a game for an entire season, especially as, when playing season mode there is little to do between games. Yes, you can check your stats, and adjust your lineup but that is about the end of it.

I am looking forward to giving franchise mode a try as that offers a wider range of things to do between games. However, at the end of the day, if you are going to buy this game, it is because you are a fan of sports games, and repetition is a big part of any sports game. Whether it is basketball, football, boxing or baseball, playing the game is the name of the game (good luck reading that one back again.)

Super Mega Baseball 3 on Nintendo Switch

Switch games are not big on achievements or trophy’s and Super Mega Baseball is another game that has nothing in the way of collectables or unlockable characters. However, I get the impression there could be achievements associated with it on other platforms, given some of the pop-up notices I got, such as when I finished my season, and then again when I won the playoffs. While not a trophy hunter, I do like the nice little surprise of unlocking them and do wish the Switch offered more in the way of this. However, that doesn’t take away from the game or my review of it.  

I was blown away by Super Mega Baseball 3. Not only was it fun, and the art style made it pop and stand out, the range of gameplay options was way better than I could have expected. Definitely, one I’m going to keep playing, long after this review is live.

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You can buy your copy of Super Mega Baseball 3 from the eShop here.

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