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Sticky Business Review

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Fast Facts

Sticky Business
Developer: Spellgarden Games
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
Genre(s): Casual, Simulation
Platform: PC
Age Rating: N/A
Release Date: 17/07/2023
Price: £8.50

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Sticky Business is a cute game where I created unique stickers and sold them on a simulated online marketplace. It is a very simple premise, but I was interested in the game because it has an adorable aesthetic, and I thought the idea of simulating a business would be interesting. I was not expecting the game to hook me with the sticker design components but instead to engross me with an engaging simulation of managing a business. Did the game meet my expectations? Find out in this Rapid Review.

To begin my entrepreneurial journey in Sticky Business, I was shown a brief tutorial about how to create a sticker using the built-in tools. It was super easy, and there were plenty of different options to select from. The designer featured assets from various themes, including gaming, space, animals, words, and plenty more. There was even a Christmas-related event going on as I played that gave me brand-new items. While the developers made the outrageous choice of not including a single sticker template featuring monkeys, the available stickers were more than enough to satisfy and engage me.

box with car stickers in it
Check out the love tap!

I was impressed by the design options they provided. I did not begin my adventure in Sticky Business, thinking that I would create anything overly charming. When games feature user-generated content, I typically avoid creating anything crazy. However, creativity is the crux of Sticky Business, and even I played around with it. I found myself not only designing things for a long time but feeling happy with how they turned out. The materials they provide in making stickers are charming and provide adequate structure, giving me room to be creative.

How Does It Work?

Before breaking down why I felt gratified in the sticker design process, I want to go over how Sticky Business functions. It is a simulation that spans over multiple days. Every action I can take in a day takes away from the number of remaining actions I can perform for the day. While this would seem to add pressure, the few deadlines I do have in the game are incredibly lenient. There is very little tension throughout Sticky Business. It enabled me to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

This lack of tension carried over to the sticker-making process. The game features a given set of template items that can be added to any sticker. While this seems limiting, making stickers from within the parameters of Sticky Business provided me with restrictions I needed and enjoyed. Specifically, I could not create anything myself. I had to use the built-in tools: small cutouts of random items from assorted themes and generic shapes. This was great, as the pre-built components always encouraged me with a starting point. Additionally, since the assets were completely static, I had to improvise with the materials I had constantly. For example, I used lemon slices as wheels for a cannon in one sticker. The restrictions helped prevent my choice paralysis and helped me feel creative in my sticker production.

Reviewer to Business

While the sticker creation component was engaging, I was disappointed by the other aspects of the gameplay. Packing stickers was nothing special, as I searched a list and clicked the stickers a customer wanted. There was some packing optimization, too, but my business ended up being so profitable that investing time into optimizing the sticker sheets did not engage me. I could do nearly nothing and remain profitable. The business decision-making was incredibly bare bones. Sticky Business served as more of a sticker creator than a business simulator. I did not set prices for my stickers, I could not allocate my revenues back into the business other than getting new packing materials or store slots, and there was no way to lose.

shop storefront with different stickers
What’s your order?

Though the business design elements were almost entirely disappointing, I did not mind this much. This also shocked me. I came into the game hoping for a simulator and left, enjoying the lack of one. Sticky Business does not have any business growth or real progression outside of collecting new stickers, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. As a sticker-making simulator, the game is solid.

While I enjoyed the sticker making, it got tedious after a little time. To break up the grind, I got to read dialogue from characters who engaged with my store. They often told me their backstories and detailed things they were encountering and struggling with daily. Though these stories were decent, I never got too attached to these characters. Their motives and struggles were often very simple, and I could never talk back to them, making me feel quite disconnected. The story, though cute, was not a part of the game I enjoyed much.


Though I did not enjoy that component of the non-playable characters, there are still some aspects I enjoyed. For example, customers sometimes suggested assets for me to use, as they are interested in them. This component of the game was nice, as it got me to interact with multiple different assets that I may not have otherwise.

Additionally, selling items gave me experience for each sticker component I used. This further encouraged me to diversify the assets I used, as I could rank up multiple things as my stickers continued to sell. The upgrade mechanic also pushed me to innovate, which encouraged me to make new things and be satisfied with my creations.

Rounding it Out

To complete the package, Sticky Business features a calming soundtrack to keep me stimulated and some decent sound effects too. Each aspect of the sound design was satisfying. I enjoyed listening to the tracks as I worked.

shop front showing different cute stickers
Check out the cute stickers

Similarly, the art design is charming. I enjoyed making stickers, but I also enjoyed how not every sticker design was made to be cute. I was still able to make some stickers I would define as cool. There are various colors, too, which helped me remain engaged.

Overall, I was impressed with Sticky Business. Despite expecting to enjoy aspects of the game I did not, the game completely hooked me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough. Not only did I have fun, but Sticky Business encouraged me to be creative and stay engaged. 

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


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