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One Finger Death Punch 2 Review

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Fast Facts

Title: One Finger Death Punch 2
Developer: Silver Dollar Games
Publisher: Silver Dollar Games
Genre: Fighting, Action
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: Teen ESRB
Release Date: 26/02/2020
Price: $8.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.


The main core concept and gameplay mechanic in One Finger Death Punch 2 requires two single button presses from either the Y or A button to play the game. Sounds simple enough, right? But it’s here where rhythm and precise inputs are required: no button-mashing! 

Your stickman main character remains in the centre of the screen, and beneath him is a bar, showing a blue section of the bar to the left with a red section to the right. When an enemy approaches you and enters one of these bars, you need to press one of the corresponding buttons to attack. The coloured bars represent your buttons, so blue = Y button and red = A button.

Each enemy has its own health pool. For example, if an enemy has a blue coloured square underneath them, it means they can be killed with a single hit of the Y button. Whereas if an enemy runs from the right with 3 red squares underneath them, it means they will need to be hit 3 times with the A button to kill them.

It sounds harder than it actually is, but each new enemy will be introduced in the training mode. Hence, you know what to expect. New coloured boxes and enemies will appear, but you will always have a small introduction on how to kill them before you’re thrown into the thick of things. The tutorial/training mode is incredibly useful and informative.

The complexity of game mechanics throws a spanner into the works, adding in different types of inputs with two buttons at varying rates to be successful.  This isn’t a button masher; it actually requires quick reflexes, a sharp eye, and downright ninja abilities to succeed!

Path of the Ninja

The main mode in One Finger Death Punch 2 features levels which sees you moving around maps and completing a variety of different matches.  Each level will have a unique twist, either being a match solely focused on weapon combat or mob matches, with progressively harder rounds featuring increasing difficulty and speed. You unlock revenge tokens that can allow you to have another go with a rejuvenating health bar and wider circle of attack. You can also find trophies and skill points that are rewarded to you throughout the game.

The game can become increasingly difficult as you progress with increased speed, new mechanics such as meeting bosses and nemeses, horse combat, weapon duels, and mob combat, which all adds up to a hectic, chaotic martial art spectacle right in the palm of your hands.

Leveling-up and Skills

There is also a skill menu to place pink gems, into 26 different skills, and each one can contain 3 gems apiece.  Each ability is passive and will be activated automatically during battle. Some may grant you special moves, extra ammo, the ability to heal and even give you ability the of slow-mo to avoid attacks. Gems can be found in the main levels. Also at any time you can remove gems and replace them in different slots with the reset button to change up your skills.

These extra skills allow your character to be more versatile in combat, which is a welcome addition to the proceedings.

Survival Mode

This mode is pretty self-explanatory: survive the tower and face increasingly enduring, tougher foes as you climb higher…and place on the online leaderboards to brag to friends!

Extra Modes

Here you’ll find some extra modes you can take part in. This is a great place to go when you want to spice up the action with some alternative combat options. Also, the online leaderboards, a local two-player mode, and trophies can all be found here as well as two extra modes. So let’s take a quick peek at what’s available!

Gauntlet: A single life to live as you progress from one side of the screen to the other picking panels and navigating your way to the right-hand side of the screen. Tread carefully though as the path is filled with danger…die once and go back to the beginning!

Cooperative: Slay together in this co-op match with a friend, locally.

No Luca No: This mode sees you fighting in a traditional match but this time a massive black cat walks into view on one side of the screen, blocking your view and making each round more difficult as your visibility is obscured.

Leaderboards: One Finger Death Punch 2 supports online leaderboards for players who want to climb the ranking and aim to be the Number 1 ninja.

Trophies: Earn trophies from main levels and others, having them displayed in your trophy hall for your viewing pleasure.

Graphics and Sounds

Graphics in One Finger Death Punch 2 are completely over the top! The menus are heavily inspired by Chinese dragons, adorned with gold trim, and there are a lot of martial art references right down to the over the top voice overs.  Everything is over the top and in your face…but it works flawlessly and adds to the chaotic nature of this title. Matches are a blast of colour and martial arts moves as well as a feast of special effects that will make your eyes bleed rainbows.

It’s simple yet visually appealing, and when things become hectic, you’ll know about it! The music can be calm and relaxing one minute with its ambient sounds, and the next minute you’re thrown into a club like beat that will make you hit a zen-like state while you’re crushing your enemies with precision strikes or kicks.  I can’t explain it, but when a beat hits I’m transfixed, and everything becomes a blur on quick inputs.


My issue with this game is that it tires your fingers out pretty quickly due to the crazy button presses required in some of the later stages. I was actually fatigued after playing 2 hours straight. So I’d suggest playing this title in short bursts to get the most out of it.

I guess it can become quite repetitive too but if playing in shorter bursts, this could be alleviated.

Final Words

Want to live a life as a matrix cyber ninja? You can in One Finger Death Punch 2. The action is intense, and it’s a pure spectrum of colours, blood and carnage that looks pretty awesome on the big screen. There are enough modes to keep you playing and levelling-up, with the game supporting online leaderboards and local co-op multiplayer too. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth as there’s a lot of BANG for your buck here…just beware that this title should only be played in short bursts to avoid fatigue and sore fingers.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase One Finger Death Punch 2 from the following link: Nintendo eShop

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