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Motorsport Manager

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Title: Motorsport Manager
Developer: Playsport Games
Publisher: Curve Digital
Website: http://www.motorsportmanager.com/
Genre: Strategy, Simulation, Racing, Sports
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: Everyone – Alcohol Reference, Mild Language
Release Date: 14/03/2019
Price: £9.59 (on sale until 28.03.2019) – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers say

Have you got what it takes to become the manager of a high-performance Motorsport team?

In Motorsport Manager for Nintendo Switch™, the console debut for the series, you will build, customize and lead your very own high-performance motorsport team through 9 tiers and 3 classes of racing action to become number one. Race to win in this immersive management strategy title where real-time trackside decision-making and forward planning are the key to victory.

Unsure of your latest driver? Scout new talent. Want to push your cars’ performance? Build and buy better parts. Everything is within your control, from your cars, engineers and mechanics to your headquarters, sponsors and more – just remember to keep an eye on your cash flow! Can you master every facet of Motorsport management? Balance the books while staying at the cutting edge of driving technology, expand your racing empire and get the results on the track to keep your team in pole position.


• 20 unique circuits with over 65 track layouts from around the world, featuring an exclusive Nintendo Switch™ circuit in New Zealand, allow you to race in a variety of international locations.
High resolution texture and graphical enhancements for Nintendo Switch™ bring the action to life like never before, allowing you to experience the on-track racing action in full 3D.
• Full customization of your entire staff allows you to tailor the details and traits of any driver, engineer or mechanic on your team – from their appearance down to their personality and skills!
• Touchscreen controls and utilization of the Joy-Con™ controllers allow you to lead your team to glory both on the move and on the sofa.


Simulation-management games have a cult following that to an outsider, can prove to be confusing. Wishing to oversee the action rather than partake in it is something that not all gamers can relate to. I myself enjoy the opportunity to do so, and as such have played a plethora of titles across a variety of different mediums. Therefore, when presented with Motorsport Manager for review, I gladly found space in my Nintendo Switch storage for it. 

Developed by Playsport Games and published by Curve Digital, Motorsport Manager on the Nintendo Switch represents a console first for the series which has previously found its home on mobile and PC. It tasks you with managing a Motorsport team as they attempt to climb the ranks from the lower tiers to worldwide stardom. With no real competition on the Nintendo eShop to date, is it worthy of your time or a bit of a non-starter? Find out with my Rapid Review of Motorsport Manager on the Nintendo Switch.

Looks and Sounds

While mobile ports are regularly accompanied by negative press either through performance issues or laziness, Motorsport Manager suffers in neither department. It looks incredibly fresh, with sharp, crisp lines and well-designed menus. Feeling as though it has been made from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch, Motorsport Manager is a delight.

Although the depth of the simulation itself will be saved for later in the review, it is as important to mention here that the level of detail on offer is superb. From choosing the liveries for your vehicle to sponsorship designs and the tracks themselves, there has been a lot of care and attention applied to it. I mainly looked forward to seeing the tracks for the first time, as the aerial 3D maps are beautiful and add to the sense of realism that PlaySport Games have executed.

The audio also serves the same purpose, with the cacophony of noise on race-day creating just the right atmosphere. The sounds throughout the menus and during interactions with staff, difficult choices and upgrades are also well-placed, and there is little to fault.

Gameplay and Replayability

It is when you consider gameplay and replayability that Motorsport Manager comes into its own. The eShop summary provides the following:

“You will build, customize and lead your very own high-performance motorsport team through 9 tiers and 3 classes of racing action to become number one. Race to win in this immersive management strategy title where real-time trackside decision-making and forward planning are the key to victory.”

The key features of this title are both the real-time trackside decision-making and the number of tiers of racing action that it provides. There are three types of performance car to choose from, and each has its perks. Within that, there are further options for customisation which require entirely different strategies for each. Some do not allow for refuelling, others an elimination battle, and there are even endurance races too. The list is fairly extensive and kept things varied and interesting throughout my time with it.

One of the fairest measures of a game is how long one can play the title without growing weary of what it has to offer, and the fact that I had racked up over ten hours of playtime thinking it was much nearer to five is a strong indicator of how much I enjoy Motorsport Manager. Outside of the races themselves, there is a lot to delve into. Managing driver expectations and ego is key, alongside improving the cars and planning for the future. With between 6 and 10 races per season, it isn’t long before you are thinking of next years plans and how to spend the hard-earned cash you have obtained throughout the season.

Do you fire one of the mechanics to make way for a new, ‘famous’ one, or do you invest the money in the new car and maintain the 100% relationship you have built between the driver and said mechanic? Do you support the up and coming racer in your Young Driver programme who has crazy talent but an even crazier ego, or do you opt for the safer bet who has less to offer? Do you place emphasis on building your Headquarters which will pay dividends in the long run or focus on the supplier network and see where that takes you? The list goes on…and on…but what it doesn’t do is feel overwhelming or there for the sake of it.

For all the positives that Motorsport Manager provides for its extremely reasonable price, there are just a few caveats. The lack of real-world licensing is a shame – especially where the Formula 1 series is concerned. Fortunately, the development team have done extremely well to combat this through its presentation and focus on winning, and I found myself invested in were my rivals were placing in qualifying and any changes they were making to their team. It still seems a missed opportunity, but one that if taken, would have no doubt changed the aesthetics and the price point of this simulator.

Second of all, the in-game action could have been more detailed. I would have loved a cockpit view as the driver sped around the track, and a replay system to see any key events unfold. I also think the animations themselves could have been improved, and this would have allowed for an outstanding level of immersion.


Motorsport Manager on the Nintendo Switch proved to be all I was hoping for, and then some. It alleviates my concerns over licensing and provides a broad, detailed and vibrant take on the racing world that I am keen to spend more time in. With many a simulation game providing too much to handle, Playsport Games have towed the racing line exceptionally well, offering an accessible driving management game with a lot of staying power. If money was no object, this game could have reached the dizzy heights that Football Manager has. However Sports Interactive took a lot of time to get there. It feels like Playsport Games are well on their way, and I cannot wait to see what is next!

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You can purchase Motorsport Manager for Nintendo Switch at the Nintendo eShop at the following link, https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Motorsport-Manager-for-Nintendo-Switch–1526161.html

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